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Kim Bum loses weight for Padam Padam

According to Kim Bum’s Agency, Kim Bum has been working hard to prepare for his role in Padam Padam. Kim Bum will be playing Kook Soo, who becomes friends with the lead Jung Woo Sung, while they are in prison. Kim Bum felt that the role requires someone with a lean and trim body, and began dieting to lose weight supplementing his diet with foods that help with weight control.

Kim Bum has been missing from the drama scene for more than a year, his last being Still, Marry Me with Park Jin Hee in 2010. So it seems he’s working hard for his comeback, and I’m sure the fans would be excited to see Kim Bum in his new role.

Padam Padam is scheduled to air December 1st, 2011. The photo shoot for the promotion is scheduled for September 16th so I’m hoping soon we’ll get to see pictures of Kim Bum in his new role.

Source: Kim Bum Website

Kim Bum Promotes The Woman Who Still Wants To Get Married in Japan

Whoa! That’s a mouthful! On with the news, Kim Bum is in Japan from Feb. 16th to Feb. 18th, doing promotions for his last drama, The woman who still want’s to marry. Here are some pictures courtesy of Kim Bum Baidu.

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A BoF reunion in Still with Gook Ji Yun

Remember Ginger from Boys Over Flowers? One of the annoying 3 girls who always picked on Jan Di? Well I didn’t remember which one of the three she was until I looked her up.

It looks like she will make a special appearance on “The Woman Who Still Wants To Get Married”.

She will be playing Se Na, Ha Min Jae (Kim Bum)’s hoobae (junior). She will make an appearance on the 10th.

Se Na is the lead vocalist in the girl group Orange Road with a bright personality and sophisticated style. She will stir up jealousy in Ha Min Jae’s lover, Lee Shin Young (Park Jin hee).

It’s a coincidence that she was F4’s junior in Boys Over Flowers, and then Kim Bum’s junior in this drama.

If you can’t tell who Ginger is from that picture:

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Kim Bum nominated for Popularity Award at 46th Baeksang Arts Awards

The complete list of nominations for 46th Baeksang Arts Awards has been officially announced. Kim Bum is up to the Best Actor Popularity Award for The Women Who Still Wants to Marry. The awards ceremony is set to be held on March 26.

The list of nomination for Best Actor Popularity Award

If I’m not mistaken, this is the second time that Kim Bum’s nominated for Baeksang. I have no idea how well Baeksang is recognized in Korea–a whole bunch of 12 nominees for a single actor award (!)– nor am I able to provide any valid predictions towards the awards. Does Kim Bum get enough edge to win? Yes? I guess…

So it turns out that Kim Bum is NOT nominated for Best Actor, but for the Popularity Award. Apologies for the mistake and thank you for the heads-up, Suri!

Kim Bum’s six dating scenes

In the currently airing MBC Wednesday/Thursday series Still, Kim Bum and Park Ji-hee showcase their sweet onscreen dates, adding the series a air of romance. To cheer the gloomy Shin-young up, who finds a grey hair, Min-jae dies his hair grey and proposes a 10-day real-lover date. In the following ten days, Min-jae and Shin-young have a 10-day desirable and romantic date consisting of different dating scenes, which warm the viewers’ hearts. The audience continuously expresses their fondness towards the show, “expecting going on such romantic date”, “every time I watch the show, I get jealous, because it’s just like dream.”, “this is my first time rooting for a couple like this.”, and “these dating scenes really melt me down.”

Kim Bum shares his feeling towards these scenes, “such dates are exactly what I was expecting. When the director asked me what kind of dates I wanted, I told, usually, couples go to movie, listen to music, go to massage bar and go shopping together when they go on a date. Since all of these scenes are designed and filmed based on my suggestions, I did feel my heart beating while I was filming them. “

Kim Bum treats Still’s staff to rice-cake soup

On Lunar New Year, Kim Bum sent a special holiday meal of traditional rice-cake soup to the Still’s crews, who were still filming the drama during the new year break. Because of the tight schedule, Still’s crews didn’t stop filming on the New Year’s Day. Kim Bum’s holiday soup was a pleasant surprise for everyone on the set.

Kim Bim expressed, ” Without taking some time off during the New Year’s Day, I was looking forward to celebrating the New Year with all the crews, eating the rice-cake soup together, which seems more meaningful to me now. I’ll try my best to portray my role.”

Via ArtsNews & Baidu

Silver Haired Kim Bum (and then some more)

Some gray haired stills from Kim Bum and then some old ones from the website of his currently airing drama.

More pics…

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InStyle Interview: Man of Style

Check out the magazine scans via this post.

Playboy, good-looking guy, warm smile… there are quite a few words come up to people’s mind when talking about Kim Bum. Five years after entering showbiz, Kim bum, as an actor, has achieved considerable accomplishments. Thanks entirely to his hilarious, talented performance in “Highkick” as Kim Ho, and his real-actor turn in “Eden of the East” as Lee Dong-chae, followed by the heartthrob So Yi-jung in “Boys over Flowers”, the pickpocket-turned-boxer Lee Jang-suk in “Dream’, and his breakthrough role in movie “Bi-sang”, Kim Bum is always passionately into his work.

“I feel I just start right now,” He says,” It is like running a Marathon, you have to complete the entire 26 miles to get to the finishing line. Only people with strong belief and passion can make it.” This is Kim Bum, an open-minded, brave and fearless actor. So how’s 2010 been treating him so far?

Last year, you performed in a couple of dramas/movies, and won the Best Newcomer Award at SBS Drama Award. Congratulations!
The new comer award came with a little surprise. It’s very special to me. It might bring with some pressure, but I felt really happy receiving this award.

Without taking a break, you picked a new project?
I didn’t take even one week off last year. I was planning to take a break after finishing filming Dream, but then Still came up and the role fit me well. I didn’t want to give up it. I feel it’s a great opportunity to work with a lot of veterans.

In your latest drama, I heard about a relationship with 12 years age gap. Have you ever came across this situation before?
You mean love beyond age gap? I thought it was impossible before. But after this drama, I feel people of older age also have the right to pursue love. Age shouldn’t be the limitation. I even feel more comfortable hanging around with older people now. So I want to meet such person.

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Bromantic chemistry in Still earns viewers’ praise

In MBC’s airing series Still, the great on-screen buddy chemistry between Kim Bum and Choi Chul-ho’s grabs a lot of viewers’ attention. In the show, Kim Bum and Choi Chul-ho’s relationship is built up upon their long-time friendship, in spite of their large age gap. The two met each other as student and private tutor, and they became closer after Kim Bum’s role entered college. However, They switch their roles as relationship “mentor” and “mentee” as the less experienced Choi starts dating. Many female viewers find their fondess for the “smart Min-jae” and the “innocent Ban-suk”, by giving favorable comments such as ” very adorable, Kim Bum and Choi click so well on screen”, ” very interesting show, I like the “Min-jae and Ban-suk couple”, “I laugh loud every time when the two come up on screen.”

Via Baidu & ArtNews

Still’s soundtrack download(updated)

Song List:
01-One Two Three (Title)——4 Minute
02-고백 (Confession) ——김범(Kim Bum)
03-사랑을 열다——박지헌
04- Beautiful Girl——별
05-내 기타줄 끊은 여자 (the woman who cut my guitar cord) ——김범 (Kim Bum)
07-LOVE IS…——백지혜
08-눈물이 별되어——도예은
09-다가가도 되나요——김예슬
10-오늘의 날씨——러블리(Lovely)
11-Do Not Look Back
12-꽃다운 서른넷
13-I Need Mojo
14-Have A Smile
15-Straight No Looser

Update: Since I’ve been getting comments saying the MU download link cannot be accessed, I uploaded the soundtrack again to MediaFire. Hopefully the MF link works for you guys now.

Download: MU/MF