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Kim So Eun Says She Doesn’t Want to Get Married

Kim So Eun has been married twice, in her dramas, first with Jin Yi Han in A Good Day for the Wind to Blow & second with Ryu Jin from her current drama A Thousand Kisses. Since her marriage in both dramas has been riddled with its fair share of obstacles, Kim So Eun expressed that she herself doesn’t have any exclusive desire to get married in a recent interview featured on Sports Khan

The 22 year old actress says that after being in 2 “marriages” in these dramas, the idea of marriage isn’t too desirable at the moment for her.

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Kim So Eun BTS Photos from The Man Who Can’t Get Married

Very cute huh? We’ll have to live on old pictures until Kim So Eun’s next project.

Source: KSE Baidu

Super Rookie Kim So Eun

Another video update. This one is a bit newer from Arirang’s Showbiz Extra, Monday’s Episode. Kim So Eun was showcased as Super Rookie and she was interviewed about her roles from the beginning till now. I had to split it into two parts because youtube allows only 10 mins. and the interview was 12 mins. long.

Part 1:

Part 2:

I think she blushed a little when they talked about her successful coupling with Kim Bum, and was a little embarrassed … then again I could also be delusional … but I’m sticking with my delusions. She said she’s taking a short break and will be back soon (hopefully with Kim Bum – one can hope right?).


A love that was supposed to be…

I’m sure a lot of Soeul/Bumsso fans were sad about them smooching other costars, even though it’s part of the job description. At least it was just a passionless typical kdrama kiss right? But some of us want more, and there you have it! A brilliant video compiled by our genius video editor Muddy, where Jang Seok and Yoo Jin kiss each other!

See the amazingness for yourself:

Are we happier now? *Prays for a bumsso project during tonight’s meteor shower*

The Man Who Can’t Get Married OST 결혼 못하는 남자

I know this is a bit late since the drama ended. But since we had the dream ost up, I wanted to show some love to eunnie’s drama which is pretty entertaining and fun to watch. I’d recommend it for a good laugh. Enjoy.

Track List (320kbps)
01. 그녀에게 잘 보이기 – W.Praise
02. 사랑할래 – 별
03. 널 사랑하기가 – 지진희
04. 레시피 – 엄정화
05. 불꽃 – 미리
06. Oh3 – 글라라
07. Brunch – 김지웅
08. 불꽃 – Ayana
09. Sunday – 배영준
10. 입가에 맴돌던 얘기 – Mi:ne
11. 그대는 예뻐요 (Inst.)

Bonus track:

01 그대는 예뻐요 -Shin Hye Sung



credits to Groovier@aja-aja

‘Dream’ ratings pick up

Although not by much. Dream ended with a 5.4% ratings today, a 0.6% increase from yesterday.

‘The Man Who Can’t Get Married’ ended today with 8% in ratings.

However, I can see a jump in ratings next week because:



Mmm… Bummie half naked in the shower?

The Dream keeps on slipping

Even with more screntime for Kim Bum, the ratings for Dream don’t seem to be increasing. Dream ended today with a 4.9%, while So Eun’s drama garnered a 7.3% in ratings.

However, according to the spoilers, the pictures of Kim Bum running on the beach will be shown in episode 4 (August 4th). Apparently it is “training from hell”. Hopefully that will kick the ratings up a notch.


Bummie-yah, fighting!

So Eun keeps on pinning Bummie down


And will probably continue to do so until the end of her series.

Kim Bum’s drama earned a 5.5% on its second episode nationwide, a 0.8% decrease from the first episode. So Eun’s drama earned the last spot on the top 20 with 8.7%.

Let’s hope that So Eun’s drama breaks the 10% mark in the last week, and Bummie’s draws more viewers as the story unfolds.

Stats from: tns media, my daily

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So Eun is on top this time


Even the next Hallyu star couldn’t make his drama start off with a bang.

Kim Bum’s new drama “Dream” garnered a whopping 6.3% (5.4% in Seoul) in ratings for the first episode. It was even lower than Ja Myung Go, which had 8% a week before.

On the other hand, Kim So Eun’s drama “The Man Who Can’t Get Married” wasn’t doing great either, but at least it earned 6.8% (8% in Seoul).

Needless to say, the cast of “Dream” are feeling very uneasy, but of course they will still stand by their dream of earning that #1 position in ratings.

Stats from TNS Media, CBS News Korea