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Kim So Eun Donates Personal Item for Charity

In June Kim Bum along with some other stars donated personal items for UNICEF. This time Kim So Eun steps up to donate some of her personal items, along with some other hallyu stars, that are close to her heart for the Heart to Heart Charity in Bangkok, Thailand that focuses on Children with heart disease.


Source: Sports Seoul and Fantagio Group

Olé Guy Kim Bum: Part 1

These are from Kim Bum’s Endorsement in Thailand…as the new Olé Guy

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Kim Bum in Thailand – Part 4

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Kim Bum in Thailand – Part 3

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Kim Bum in Thailand – Part 2

I shall post more pictures on the morrow but for now here are some Videos from Olé Beauty (will post more pictures from the endorsement as well) and Kim Bum’s Welcome to Thailand, along with a message for his fans in Thailand (the editor in me was itching to correct his English, which isn’t bad just needs a little tweaking).

Video Credit: TheNongole

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Kim Bum in Thailand – Part 1

Here are some more pictures of Kim Bum in Thailand. The first part anyways…since there were a lot of pictures that turned up. I tried to stick to the official ones and mainly ones by himself as there were pictures with him and individual fans and after a while I just got tired of picture stealing…

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Fan account of Kim Bum’s fanmeeting in Thailand

Here’s a run through of the events at Kim Bum’s fanmeeting, seen through the eyes of MonKom. Thanks to Anna again for translating!

First here’s a fancam of the location so you can sense the atmosphere:


Yesterday, Kim Bum was so cute. Let me share a little of my experiences.

In front of the fan meeting, there was nothing being sold. There were only sponsor booths.

At the beginning, Bummie sang “I’m Going to Meet Her Now”, with pauses for us to sing along. It wasn’t loud enough though, so he sang the lyrics himself. Hehe. As for me, I practiced the 2 songs he didn’t sing, but if he comes again, I’ll make sure to be able to sing this song.

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Kim Bum Pingbook Interview

As with every fanmeeting in another country, Kim Bum gets interviewed by the local media. Luckily, Anna was gracious enough to translate it for us. Thank you Anna!

Kim Bum, F4 guy, visits Thailand to prepare for his fan meeting One Sweet Day with KIM BUM The 1st Thailand Fan Meeting [Interview]. July 30th, 2010, 5:30 PM, at Paradise Park, Bangkok.

Korean superstar Kim Bum, one of the F4 members from hit drama series Boys Over Flowers flew to Thailand for the “One-2-Call presents One Sweet Day with KIM BUM The 1st Thailand Fan Meeting”,  happening on July 31st, 2010, at Paragon Hall 3, Siam Paragon Mall.

Today, Kim Bum had an informal meet-and-greet with Thai fans on the first floor of Paradise Park Mall. A large crowd of Thai fans flocked to the area to welcome their idol and were treated to a small interview from him on stage.

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Kim Bum at Siriraj Hospital, Thailand

Kim Bum pictures from Siriraj Hospital in Thailand. I’m guessing Kim Bum was there to pay respect to beloved king at the hospital. From what I saw and read it looks like its a tradition to visit the shrine and sign the book. (Thai Fans can maybe shed some more light on the situation).

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“One Sweet Day with Kim Bum” – 1st Thailand Fan Meeting

Kim Bum’s 1st Thailand Fan Meeting titled “One Sweet Day with Kim Bum”  Kicked off July 30th at Paradise Park. The official fan meeting will on 31st July at Royal Paragon Hall, Siam.

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