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My Dream fanmeeting

I sound like a broken record when I say this, “Kim Bum never stops working”.

There will be a “My Dream” fanmeeting with Son Dambi and Joo Jinmo in Japan (and once again broken record, Japanese fans are so lucky. But then again, I get lucky because they’re lucky)

Time: June 27, 2010. Day performance: 2PM, night performance: 6:30PM (I think Son Dambi will perform)
Place: JCB Hall
Fee: 9800yen (A little more than 100USD)
You can start purchase of the fanmeet on April 27 after 6PM.
Seating is by lottery, so potentially you can get very close! If you are lucky that is.

My Dream

If you don’t understand anything, use google translate. It’s what I did XD

Son Dam Bi likes So Eun’s dress

sdb kseplaid

At least, her stylist does. However it’s not the first time celebrities have worn the same clothes. So Eun shared wardrobe with many other females celebrities before also.

This came from November 10th’s broadcast of “Strong Heart”.

In the article Son Dam Bi said that even though Kim Bum is 5 years her junior, he never called her nuna once. Glad to hear that they kept it very professional. Now if only the other costars would follow Dam Bi’s great example and not flirt with Kim Bum, all of the bumsso/soeul fans can sleep soundly every night.

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Dream: Final Round

Yes, that’s right. The show is over. I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m having such a hard time letting this show go. It was a good show. It was entertaining, and now it is over. The characters were good, but it’s not as if I got to know them for eight years, like I did with “Charmed”, which was another show I had a hard time letting go. Maybe all will be revealed as I write this, my final recap of “Dream”.


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Dream: Round 19


Je Il is recalling the challenge he laid at Kang Kyung Tak’s feet. (Oh, Je Il why do you taunt the Devil?) He has every intention of seeing through on his promise to crush Kang’s empire.

Lackey Manager Lackey Yang comes into Kang’s office to reveal how Je Il plans to do so. He reports that President Ishigawa made a deal with Je Il that if he could come up with the required 3 billion won (approx. $2.6 million) they would negotiate. Kang believes there is no way Je Il could come up with that amount of money. Until Yang informs him that Je Il has already raised part of the funds, though he doesn’t know how. Kang orders him to “Set some people on it and look into it thoroughly. Particularly keep on top of whom he approaches from now on. If we don’t sever his financial lines, it’s dangerous.”


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Dream: Round 18

So Yeon and Geum Ja are preparing Jang Seok’s bed, both happy he has come back home. Geum Ja gives So Yeon a piece of advice, telling her, “You should be nice to him. It was hard for him to come back. The heartbreak of a first love, they say it’s hugely stressful.” (Question: Why does Jang Seok gets new, clean bedding and Je Il is still stuck with the same purple stuff he had been using?)


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Dream: Round 17

After being kicked to the ground by Pascal, Jang Seok has a meeting with Kang Kyung Tak in his office. Kang wants to know “what the hell” Jang Seok is thinking. “No one can win all the time. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose,” Jang Seok responds. Kang concedes that yes, someone can lose a competition once in a while, but he doesn’t understand why a fighter would get stinking drunk the night before a match. “That basically means you’re conceding the fight,” Kang tells him. “What the hell is the reason?” Jang Seok replies, “It’s just not fun.” Having given him many hundreds of millions of won, Kang doesn’t think “fun” should be an issue. Jang Seok agrees that he can win the next match, but after a few months of rest, as his condition is “not so good these days.” But, “there is no rest.” Kang says they will go on with the next match as the contract states. The two have a confrontation. Kang is perturbed that Jang Seok hasn’t won a match yet. Jang Seok points out that Kang hasn’t kept his promise to find his mother. Kang, being a more formidable foe, finally concludes the confrontation. He makes the decision to dissolve the FF League, and match Jang Seok against Maeng Do Pil.


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Dream: Round 16

This episode really got to me. There were three “OMG” moments, and several tear inducing scenes. Despite this, or maybe because of this, Round 16 was probably the best episode so far. It was a good vehicle to showcase the depth the lead actors can show in their acting.

While still at the wake for Je Il’s mother, he is mourning after paying his respects. His sister comes into the room bearing a small package wrapped in cloth. It contains a picture of Je Il with his mother and sister from his baseball days and two bank books. One account is the money he had sent to them, which Yu Ju said their mother said they could never use. The other is his mother’s savings from her farm. It was to be a gift for her daughter-in-law whenever Je Il got married.


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Dream: Round 15

After seeing the news on the internet accusing the FF League of illegally selling tournament tickets for thousands of won more than their ticket price, Je Il meets with Kang Kyung Tak. He can’t believe that even Kang would be low enough to start such a foul rumor and threatens to sue him for slander. Kang informs him it isn’t slander if it’s true. He then pulls out snap shots of Bbal Ddae forcing the strippers/hookers to buy the tickets. (Now I know the purpose for that scene!) One of the girls had taken the pictures with her cell phone, and some how, Kang had gotten a hold of them. (Any guesses how he got the pictures?) Of course, Je Il and the FF League had nothing to do with the forced sales, and he tells Kang, “Please go ahead with any investigation, I am innocent.” Kang, very cleverly points out, “It’s not facts that kill, but rumors.” He also indicates he has more in store for Je Il. “If this is the hand grenade, the real bomb is right behind.”


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Dream: Round 14

Jang Seok knocks Kraus down with one hit to the thrill of the crowd. Kraus gets back up…and pummels Jang Seok. It’s a good thing the sparring match only ran for a minute, or our poor Jang Seok would have been beaten to a bloody pulp. Still, he gets up with a smile and a wave for the crowd.


Jang Seok leaves the venue with Je Il and So Yeon. Before they can get too far, they are bombarded by reporters. They are all asking questions at once. They want to know what it was like to knock down the champ. They wonder why he did something that was a bit “ungentlemanly”, etc. But, Jang Seok just has one thing to say: “My name is Lee Jang Seok. Lee Jang Seok. And my mother’s name is Ho Young Sil. Mom, if you see this, please contact me. Contact me at the Dream Gym in Gijang. My mother’s name is Ho Young Sil. Please air this. I’m asking, please.”


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Dream: Round 13

After the open debate, we see Kang Kyung Tak in his car (being driven by Lackey) contemplating the challenge Je Il had presented. He seems to be in disbelief that someone in Je Il’s position would dare challenge him like that. (You’d think, since he’s supposed to be so smart, he would have seen this coming?)

Sitting at a restaurant discussing the situation, So Yeon can’t believe Je Il issued that challenge, either. She’s not the only woman in his life who thinks he’s making a mistake. PD Jang comes in, and she tells Je Il she will edit out his part in her coverage of the debate. They are both trying to protect him, but what they don’t seem to understand is that Je Il has his life on the line here. Je Il gets a phone call and excuses himself. So Yeon and Su Jin sit together, discussing the situation. So Yeon describes Su Jin as “Je Il’s firefighter.” (Where have I heard that term before? Kekeke.) Each woman seems to be feeling the other one out, trying to figure out her relationship with Je Il.


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