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Kim Bum loses weight for Padam Padam

According to Kim Bum’s Agency, Kim Bum has been working hard to prepare for his role in Padam Padam. Kim Bum will be playing Kook Soo, who becomes friends with the lead Jung Woo Sung, while they are in prison. Kim Bum felt that the role requires someone with a lean and trim body, and began dieting to lose weight supplementing his diet with foods that help with weight control.

Kim Bum has been missing from the drama scene for more than a year, his last being Still, Marry Me with Park Jin Hee in 2010. So it seems he’s working hard for his comeback, and I’m sure the fans would be excited to see Kim Bum in his new role.

Padam Padam is scheduled to air December 1st, 2011. The photo shoot for the promotion is scheduled for September 16th so I’m hoping soon we’ll get to see pictures of Kim Bum in his new role.

Source: Kim Bum Website

Silver Haired Kim Bum (and then some more)

Some gray haired stills from Kim Bum and then some old ones from the website of his currently airing drama.

More pics…

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An interview of Kim Bum and Park Jin Hee

On the 2nd, there was a interview with Bummie and PJH during shooting.  Bummie revealed that when people fall in love, it doesn’t matter with age, nationality, race and gender. He said he preferred cooperating with older actresses than him, because he used to play with the old partners since he began his career, and he felt more comfortable with them than the same age or the younger ones. In addition, he was satified with the comments from viewers  that most of them thought them match together despite of a big age gap between them.

Sorry for missing a bummie’s pic of playing piano. There is some news that kim bum keep playing piano since elementary school until now, and he can play a few songs.  He would like to play songs for his girlfriend?(I am sure whether translation is correct because I just know a little Korean language)

Calm down please.  It’s obviously to promote his drama and attact more fans towards the drama. They always emphasize they can match well  again and again for most of viewers who never seen this drama don’t think they are real couples.

We all heard that So Eun can match any actors besides Bummie. As a good actor, he don’t want to be Yi Jeong forever, but more significant roles for viewers. Whether you like or not, he will cooperate with other actresses whenever now or future. Actually, we don’t need to worry about Bummie and PJH because it’s impossible for them to be together concerning so big age gap. He just respects her as a sunbae and can learn more from her. In fact, I do hope Bummie can also play well with other partners besides Eunnie only because he is an actor.

As Bumsso’s fans, please support Bummie and So Eun.

Via Baidu & Naver

Another drama, another ice skating scene

The filming location for “Still, Marry Me” was revealed, and Kim Bum‘s character Ha Min Jae had a date with Lee Shi Young (Park Jin Hee). Not only was he helping her ice skate, but also wrap his scarf around her neck. Sounds familiar? I hope it does to him at least.

The scripwriters can’t think of other winter dates? It’s been done before, and with Kim Bum’s history…

We’ll have to see the episode to see if this scene lives up the magic of the last one.

More lovey dovey:

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Still Epi1&2 Recap (Kim Bum’s part)

(I suppose some of you guys might be interested in reading some Still’s recaps. So I rewatched and recapped the first two epis. Since I was tight in time, only did Kim Bum’s part this time. )

Kim Bum’s very first scene opens with his chatting on the phone with Na Ban-suk while walking towards his studio at school. Seemingly confident and charismatic, he advises Ban-suk on blind dating–be more attentive and gentle instead of making quirky and cheesy jokes, to show interest in art and suggest a date without making a certain schedule, to send thank-you text message and show desire to meet her parents, and moreover, not to call her or reply text message in the following days, in order to make the girl contact you first. He also suggests Ban-suk not worry about finding a girlfriend, because he states that the world has plentiful supply of women.

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Kim Bum in TWWSWTGM Episode 2

Another sad day for Bummie, the ratings dropped to 5.2% (AGB Nielsen), compared to the 5.5% for its debut episode.

Considering the url for the MBC official website has yet in it, perhaps this should be called “yet to marry”? At least it’s a little shorter.

This picture made me laugh XD It’s probably not related at all, but the way he’s holding his hand and looking at Bummie… makes me feel like he’s thinking “damn, Bummie is hella fine” HAHA. Okay rest of the 42 droolious Bummie pics:

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TWWSWTGM Press Conference

Just something a drama cannot do without, especially since it’s debuting next week!

More pictures…

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TWWSWTGM Poster Shooting

Another poster shooting event. Here’s a little video (I believe it’s a cut… seems a bit short) from DC:

Some pictures:

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More Stills from TWWSWTGM

More stills… from a drama with a long title…

I’m hoping it’s just whispering…

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Stills from “The Woman Who Still Wants To Get Married” (Another One)

Some stills of only Kim Bum…

Released from the original website that was posted in an earlier post regarding the drama. Again there isn’t much information yet released on the drama but it is supposed to replace Lee Joon Ki’s Drama Hero on SBS, so they should be releasing more info on it soon.

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