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F3 & Gu Hye Sun attend fan meet in Osaka

As you know, the Boys Over Flowers cast love to hold fan meetings in Japan. On the 18th, there was another one in Osaka, attended by Gu Hye Sun, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon, and Kim Bum. 

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Kim Bum in Osaka

Just a few news shots. It’s slightly more high quality than the fancams.

Do I spot a couple ring?

(Credit: Kim Bum Baidu)

Kim Bum likes to race

Arcade games. Came from Osaka fanmeeting


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Kim Bum’s fan meeting in Osaka

Updated with new fancams


On November 8th, Kim Bum met with approximately 1500 fans in NHK Hall in Osaka. He sang the song “Christmas Eve’s Sky”, and introduced the album along with the making video. Rather than debuting as a singer, releasing an album is more about giving back to the fans who have supported him. Kim Bum thanked all the foreign fans who came to see him at every fan meeting and expressed his desire to continue to meet with the foreign fans.

Kim Bum will meet with various interviewers in Tokyo to talk about his upcoming movie Bisang, set to release December 3rd.

(Via Sports Seoul)

Fan cams at the event after the cut (Credit to Kim Bum Baidu & DC & ameblo):

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Kim Bum Osaka Fan Meeting Account


Fan Account written by Laputa. Thanks to our lovely reader Faith Maria for translating! We wouldn’t be able to bring you this spazz-worthy post without her.

According to Laputa, they played a game to find the nearest parallel of Bummie’s ideal girl among the attendants. And the game was named, “LOOKING FOR GAEUL-YANG“.

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