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Meet Psychic Joon

 Psychometry Kim Bum

Psychometry originally titled Miracle finally released a teaser trailer for the movie starring Kim Bum and Kim Kang Woo.

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Kim Bum could be the next “Asian Prince”

Kim Bum’s agency, King Kong Entertainment stated that next month Kim Bum will be releasing a special album in Japan. With the favorable response Kim Bum has received in Thailand, and Japan as of recently, it’s possible that Kim Bum could be the next “Asian Prince” (the nickname given to Jan Geun Suk by his fans since he’s really popular in other Asian countries as well)

The album though is not a foray into a singing career but as a thanks to his Japanese fans for all the love and support they have given him. While Kim Bum has released a few singles here and there, this will be his first full album, with seven to eight tracks and is slated for release in June. He will also be traveling to Japan to promote his album once it’s released, most probably after he’s done filming for “Miracle”.


Kim Kang Woo & Kim Beom – Battle of Charisma on the Sets of Miracle

Recently Kim Kang Woo tweeted two pictures from the sets of Miracle. The picture shows and intense confrontation between the two actors and has the netizens talking about the “explosive chemistry” of the two actors on screen. Netizens also commented that they are “full of expectations for the movie just from two pictures”. Miracle is about a Detective played by Kim Kang Woo investigating missing children, who runs into a delinquent graffiti artist whose is mysteriously tied to the crimes. So far there’s not mention of the release date as of yet for the movie.

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Kim Bum’s Miracle

Someone wasn’t listening properly because this is not the miracle we were hoping for, but happy for Kim Bum’s next project. Kim Bum will be starring with Kim Kang Woo for his next project, in the fantasy, thriller titled Miracle.

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