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Kim Bum: Mission Green Apple

Some more shots from the Veloster Opening Show with Lee Min Ho:

Don’t they both look like they are conspiring something…


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It’s a new year…

Or almost two weeks old anyways…

Sorry for the delay in news…I made new year’s resolution to be a better updater…but as you can see I’m not off to a good start…

There are lot of comments regarding whether or not Kim Bum and Kim So Eun are in a new drama or not (separate mostly), and rumors circulating around…there is nothing concrete so far…or nothing that I’ve heard of anyways, so please don’t worry. It’s definitely possible that they might not do a drama together this year…

In other news as most of you already know Kim So Eun attended the KBS Drama Awards for 2010 on Dec. 31st.

She looked very pretty in her white dress (her very short white dress) and attracted a lot of attention on her fashion sense from this event and from the movie premiere she attended for the movie “Yellow”.

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Kim Bum Biking with Lee Min Ho

Both Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho tweeted pictures of themselves biking in the night.

The abandoned bike on the side, in the last picture, looks like Lee Min Ho’s.

D’maris also has a new cut-out of Kim Bum in a chef’s outfit, which I think complements Kim So Eun’s chef outfit from BonJuk.

Here’s Kim So Eun’s from BonJuk…

…they would look good together in a show like “Pasta”…and the imagination *cough*delusion*cough* takes over….

Picture Source: Kim Bum Twitter & KB Baidu


Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho celebrated Jung Il Wooโ€™s birthday and fanmeeting

Close friends Kim bum and Lee Min Ho attended Jung Il Wooโ€™s advanced birthday and fanmeeting on the 5th.

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The “Flower Boy curse”?

As you probably heard, Kim Hyun Joong’s new drama <Playful Kiss> only received 3.5% in viewer ratings. Thinking about the other boys of F4, people have started to notice a pattern and dubbed the F4’s unfortunate events as the “Flower Boy curse”.

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Kim Bum & Min Ho enjoy a meal together

Seems like Kim Bum & Min Ho got together for dinner. I wonder who took the picture… look at that pout lol.

Credit: Minho’s twitter

What has Kim Bum been doing?

In only four years, actor Kim Bum has appeared in nine drama/movie productions. Kim Bum talks to bntnews in his first vacation since his debut.

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Kim Bum and Jung Il Woo attended Lee Min Ho’s birthday event

Lee Min Ho held the fanmeeting “2010 The Special Day With Minoz” on the 20th at Kyung Hee University. 4500 members of his fanclub attended. Kim Bum and Jung Il Woo were special guests at this event.

Today (22nd) is actually Min Ho’s birthday! Happy Birthday Min Ho ๐Ÿ™‚

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Kim Bum & Kim So Eun attend Gu Hye Sun’s movie premiere

As you should probably found out, Kim Bum attended Gu Hye Sun’s movie premiere along with Min Ho and others.

Looks like So Eun went to the premiere after all! She just wasn’t there when the media was snapping photos of Kim Bum and Min Ho. I wonder why.

@ 0:22

Bummie pictures:

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Undisclosed BOF Special

More BTS videos that were undisclosed are being released by Mnet Japan. They are sure evil keeping us waiting. But since there was a fanmeeting for BoF, I suppose they needed to do something to entice the fans.

cr: ffsaints

Since this is the first part, I believe there will be more. Oh boy. I don’t like this dragginess, but I will wait patiently if it will show Soeul parts. Not going to get my hopes up though. BoF has a history of disappointment in this category.

Pictures from the fanmeeting:

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