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Happy Birthday Kim Bum!

Kim Bum Birthday

Kim Bum Birthday


Kim Bum recently held a fan meeting in Seoul for his fans and they surprised him with a birthday cake. Since today is his Birthday, thought I’d just share some of the pictures courtesy of King Kong Entertainment. Wishing him all the best for his birthday, hoping he continues to grow as an actor and that we get to see him in many more projects.

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Kim Bum for “Save the Polar Bears” Campaign

King Kong Entertainment Stars came together to show their support for the “Save the Polar Bears” Campaign

Here are some pictures of Kim Bum looking as cute as the Polar Bear he’s holding in his hand.

Kim Bum - King Kong Save The Polar Bears Campaign 3

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Men’s Uno Behind The Scenes

King Kong Entertainment released some pictures of Kim Bum from his photo shoot with Men’s Uno

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Kim Bum Donates Personal Items for Charity

Kim Bum along with the other actors from King Kong Entertainment donated their personal items for a “Star Bazaar” to benefit UNICEF. Kim Bum worked with UNICEF last year as well when he donated his birthday for charity and this year was chosen as the goodwill ambassador with Han Ga In and has actively been part of the Special Envoy for UNICEF in creating awareness for polio vaccinations and such.  The even will be for 16 days and all profits earned from the personal items will be donated to UNICEF to help the children in Africa.

The items listed for sale can be found here.


Source: & Kim Bum Facebook

Kim Bum UNICEF Special Envoy “Inspired Gifts”

UNICEF just released the campaign video for both Kim Bum and Han Ga In. The Videos are titled Life-Saving “Inspired Gifts” and shows Kim Bum as a celebrity on the red carpet who is donating his earnings from the success of his movie to the UNICEF Campaign.

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Kim Bum could be the next “Asian Prince”

Kim Bum’s agency, King Kong Entertainment stated that next month Kim Bum will be releasing a special album in Japan. With the favorable response Kim Bum has received in Thailand, and Japan as of recently, it’s possible that Kim Bum could be the next “Asian Prince” (the nickname given to Jan Geun Suk by his fans since he’s really popular in other Asian countries as well)

The album though is not a foray into a singing career but as a thanks to his Japanese fans for all the love and support they have given him. While Kim Bum has released a few singles here and there, this will be his first full album, with seven to eight tracks and is slated for release in June. He will also be traveling to Japan to promote his album once it’s released, most probably after he’s done filming for “Miracle”.


Stars from King Kong Entertainment in High Cut


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Kim Bum participates in Voice Talent Donation for the Diabetic Patients

Kind of a late news…but since tomorrow is the last day of broadcast I believe…better late than never…

Kim Bum along with other entertainers part of the King Kong Family partook in the ‘Radio CM Campaign Voice Talent Donation for the Diabetic Patients’.

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Kim Bum wishes his fans A Merry Christmas

Kingkong Entertainment recently released a video of Kim Bum wishing his fans a Merry Christmas. It must have been around the same time he was shooting for the RingPang Donuts campaign because he’s wearing the same clothes.

Basically, he greets everyone, and introduces himself. Before wishing his fans to have a good Christmas, spending it with their loved ones, and to be Blissful. (Thanks to Margaret for giving me a quick translation)

Source: Kingkong Entertainment


F3 attends wedding

Kim Bum, Kim Joon, and Kim Hyun Joong of F4 attended the wedding of the representative of King Kong Ent. Jung Il Woo and other talents form the agency also attended.

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