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Unseen photos from Japanese fanmeeting

There are some unseen photos that weren’t revealed in the last post about the Japanese fanmeeting. Especially, Kim Bum playing the guitar is very handsome.

Check out the photos below:

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The “Flower Boy curse”?

As you probably heard, Kim Hyun Joong’s new drama <Playful Kiss> only received 3.5% in viewer ratings. Thinking about the other boys of F4, people have started to notice a pattern and dubbed the F4’s unfortunate events as the “Flower Boy curse”.

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F3 & Gu Hye Sun attend fan meet in Osaka

As you know, the Boys Over Flowers cast love to hold fan meetings in Japan. On the 18th, there was another one in Osaka, attended by Gu Hye Sun, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon, and Kim Bum. 

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Kim Joon thinks Twitter impersonators are rubbish

Over the weekend, there were a couple of tweets between Kim Joon and Kim Bum about people who are impersonating Kim Bum on Twitter. If there are any impersonators reading this blog, this is what Kim Joon thinks of you:

July 10/11, 2010

Kim Joon @Actorkimbeom 자꾸어떤녀석이 니행세를하면서 말을건다..근데 번역기돌린 엉터리 한글인데..어쩌지 얘혼자 막 스케쥴얘기하면서 신났는데
There’s a rascal on Twitter who keeps pretending to be you…But their messages are all rubbish hangeul from an online translator…What should I do? That guy keeps tweeting about your schedule and gets excited all by himself

Kim Beom @Kim Joon
냅둬요 형 ㅋㅋ 지가 그렇게 살고싶다는데 뭐,, 태국에 있는 김범인가보지요~~ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Let it go hyung keke If they want to live like that, let them be,,Perhaps its a Kim Beom in Thailand~~ kekekeke

Seriously, if there are any impersonators reading this blog, please stop. Kim Bum’s reply might sound like he’s okay and he’s even joking about it, but you can tell that Kim Joon is a little irritated by the rubbish messages.

For translations of Kim Bum’s other twitter messages, go here: Twitter Updates

F3 attends wedding

Kim Bum, Kim Joon, and Kim Hyun Joong of F4 attended the wedding of the representative of King Kong Ent. Jung Il Woo and other talents form the agency also attended.

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Undisclosed BOF Special

More BTS videos that were undisclosed are being released by Mnet Japan. They are sure evil keeping us waiting. But since there was a fanmeeting for BoF, I suppose they needed to do something to entice the fans.

cr: ffsaints

Since this is the first part, I believe there will be more. Oh boy. I don’t like this dragginess, but I will wait patiently if it will show Soeul parts. Not going to get my hopes up though. BoF has a history of disappointment in this category.

Pictures from the fanmeeting:

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Kim Bum resolves lawsuit with Eyagi

Our prayers seem to be answered after all. King Kong Ent and Eyagi Ent have resolved their lawsuit (Eyagi Ent dropped the accusations), both companies wanting to continue having a partner-like relationship.

Kim Bum will return to Japan on April 24th to promote Boys Over Flowers.

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Kim Bum attends wedding

Of Group8 representative Song Byeong Joon. He married Lee Seung Min (31), who is 19 years younger. F4’s Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, and Kim Joon attended the wedding. Kim Hyun Joong was probably busy with SS501 activities.

Kim Bum sends his congrats.

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SOFF 2010 Calendar

The “Story of Four Flowers” also has a 2010 calendar on sale, which was released not long ago. I wonder when Kim Bum shot these pictures because he looks really young, and he’s trying to change his image a lot lately.

Very sorry to the other F3’s fans. I only have scans for Kim Bum.

(Credit: Kim Bum Baidu)

Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho support Kim Joon’s Musical



As you probably heard, Kim Joon was the star in a musical, and last night was the final showing. Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho went to support their fellow F4 member (Kim Hyun Joong is busy with SS501 comeback).

Yup the woman in the red hoodie is Gu Hye Sun (I was wrong ^_^). I wonder why the casual attire when everyone else semi dressed up?

Pictures from showing:

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