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Music & Lyrics Episode 2.3 (Sad Love Download Link & Lyrics Translations Included)

Here’s Episode 2.2 by W2D (Wild2Day)

Music & Lyrics Episode 2.3 Part1

Music & Lyrics Episode 2.3 Part 2

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Sad Love Released on Music and Lyrics

The final product of Kim So Eun’s collaboration with Junho for Music and Lyrics has been released, titled Sad Love and sung by Lee Jung, who I personally think was a great choice because he gives this song a great feeling. Will try to post the lyrics when I get a chance, in the meantime enjoy the song.

Video Credit: AsianDreamOST

Music & Lyrics Episode 2.2

Here’s Episode 2.2 by W2D (Wild2Day)

Music & Lyrics Episode 2.2 Part1

Music & Lyrics Episode 2.2 Part 2

Music & Lyrics Episode 2.2 Part 3

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Music Lyrics Episode 2.1

Just so there’s no confusion, the parts with Kim So Eun & Junho are labeled as Episode 2 of Music and Lyrics since they are the second couple to compose and write music together.

Here’s Episode 2.1 by W2D (Wild2Day)

Music & Lyrics Episode 2.1 Part1

Music & Lyrics Episode 2.1 Part2

Music & Lyrics Episode 2.1 Part3

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Kim So Eun cast in Happy Ending

Kim So Eun will be transforming from a klutzy angel to a fashionable hotelier, for her new cable drama. She has been cast in JTBC’s new miniseries Happy Ending, opposite H.O.T’s Kangta, which makes it the second H.O.T band member that she’s been cast in (Jang Woo Hyuk in Secret Angel). Happy Ending will be air on JTBC (yes that is the cable network that Kim Bum’s Padam Padam aired on) starting April 23rd, following close after Kim So Eun’s reality stint Music & Lyrics with Junho.

For more information you can read the complete article on Dramabeans

Kim So Eun will provide ‘Lyrics’ to Junho’s ‘Music’

Kim Bum isn’t the only one keeping busy. As mentioned earlier, Kim So Eun will work with 2PM’ s Junho in the reality show, Music and Lyrics. Kind of drawing it’s inspiration from the movie of the same name, a top actress is chosen to participate with a top musician, working together within the deadline of thirty days. The musician chosen composes the song while it is the responsibility of the actress to provide the lyrics. Kim So Eun and Junho will follow Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun as the second couple appearing on Music & Lyrics.

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Kim So Eun & 2PM’s Junho for MBC’s “Music & Lyrics”

Kim So Eun and 2pm’s Junho have been announced as the second couple to come together for MBC’s Music and Lyrics. Kim So Eun and Junho will work together to try to come up with a composition for the OST of MBC’s drama Feast of the Gods that is currently airing. The couple will appear in the reality show some time in April.

Source: Yahoo News Korea