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JIFF Press Conference

The JIFF Press Conference was held on March 29th, and both the ambassadors attended. Here are some pictures from the event.

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“You & Me” – Part 2

I know I already posted the pictures but the JIFF website released a whole package of pictures (12 to be exact) that weren’t released by the news media.

You can download the pictures from the JIFF Website. Some of the pictures are repeated but instead of selecting and choosing it was easier to just post them all. Enjoy!

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“You & Me – A Wonderful Night at the Movies”

A wonderful date at the movies for Jung Il Woo & Kim So Eun as JIFF Ambassadors. Here are the official photos fromย  the photo shoot

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Kim So Eun promotes the 12th Jeonju International Film Festival

I apologize for the lack of translations, as my Korean language skills are close to zero. Here are some more updates regarding JIFF


credit: ystarchannel2

credit: nicclaudia4

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Jeonju Film Festival, you can visit their Official Website (they have a Korean version & an English Version)

They also have a Facebook Page

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Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho celebrated Jung Il Wooโ€™s birthday and fanmeeting

Close friends Kim bum and Lee Min Ho attended Jung Il Wooโ€™s advanced birthday and fanmeeting on the 5th.

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What has Kim Bum been doing?

In only four years, actor Kim Bum has appeared in nine drama/movie productions. Kim Bum talks to bntnews in his first vacation since his debut.

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Kim Bum and Jung Il Woo attended Lee Min Ho’s birthday event

Lee Min Ho held the fanmeeting “2010 The Special Day With Minoz” on the 20th at Kyung Hee University. 4500 members of his fanclub attended. Kim Bum and Jung Il Woo were special guests at this event.

Today (22nd) is actually Min Ho’s birthday! Happy Birthday Min Ho ๐Ÿ™‚

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F3 attends wedding

Kim Bum, Kim Joon, and Kim Hyun Joong of F4 attended the wedding of the representative of King Kong Ent. Jung Il Woo and other talents form the agency also attended.

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Fan caps from movie screening

Fan captures from the “Good Morning President” special movie premiere. Taken by blue & soul at Kim Bum DC.

Kim Bum attends special screening of “Good Morning President”


A special VIP screening of the movie “Good Morning President” was held on the 13th at 8PM in Seoul Yongsan CGV. A variety of stars attended, including Hyun Bin, Ji Jin Hee, Gong Hyung Jin, Kim Bum, Jung Il Woo, Shin Se Kyung, Lee Jin, Jo Yeo Jung, Hwang Jung Eum, Bada, Kang Ji Hwan, Kim Min Jong, Joo Jin Mo, Juni, Lee Yeon Hee, Son Ji Chang, Seo Hyo Rim, Shin Min Ah, etc.

“Good Morning President” is about the love story between the president, Cha Ji Wook (Jang Dong Gun), and his childhood love Kim Yi Yeon (Han Chae Young). “Good Morning President” stars Jang Dong Gun, Go Doo Shim, Lee Soon Jae, Han Chae Young, and Im Ha Ryong.

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