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Kim Bum Japanese Website Picture Updates

So while there is no specific news of Kim Bum, the japanese website has updated some pictures of him.

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Kim Bum’s First Album Release Event in Japan

To celebrate Kim Bum’s first official album release a fan event was hosted in Tokyo Japan

Home Town was officially released on June 22nd, 2o12

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Kim Bum’s First Album Home Town

Kim Bum’s First Album is scheduled to release in Japan on June 20th, 2012. The songs of the album will be a mix of rock and ballads, sung from the heart and soul to create a peaceful, nostalgic feeling.

The sound track includes 7 tracks:

1. Day Break
2. My Old Friend
3. Home Town
4. 雪月花 (The End of Silence/Serene Beauty)
5. 君のための歌  (Song for You)
6. 夢の後先 (Beyond Dreams/Consequences of a Dream )
7. 太陽と月 (The Sun & The Moon)

Day Break, Home Town, Serene Beauty & Consequences of a Dream will have Japanese Lyrics as listed on the track. Don’t know if the others are to be in Korean or Japanese, since it doesn’t mention that. Along with the Music CD, a DVD will also be available for purchase which will have behind the scenes of the music recording and “Home Town” Music Video.

The Launch Event for “Home Town” is scheduled for June 24th, 2012, 3 p.m.  at the Odaiba Venus Fort, in Tokyo.

Source: Kim Bum Japan


Kim Bum could be the next “Asian Prince”

Kim Bum’s agency, King Kong Entertainment stated that next month Kim Bum will be releasing a special album in Japan. With the favorable response Kim Bum has received in Thailand, and Japan as of recently, it’s possible that Kim Bum could be the next “Asian Prince” (the nickname given to Jan Geun Suk by his fans since he’s really popular in other Asian countries as well)

The album though is not a foray into a singing career but as a thanks to his Japanese fans for all the love and support they have given him. While Kim Bum has released a few singles here and there, this will be his first full album, with seven to eight tracks and is slated for release in June. He will also be traveling to Japan to promote his album once it’s released, most probably after he’s done filming for “Miracle”.


New Pictures from the Kim Bum Japan Website

By new I don’t mean brand new (his hair is shorter now)…I’ve just never got around to posting them on here. I know I’m going back and forth with the pictures but just so the timeline is clear, Kim Bum’s Visit to Thailand was in the beginning of February, around 10th Feb (I do have one more set of pics), and his visit to Japan came later, Feb 25th (as I mentioned already), after which he did a cameo on High Kigk 3 (More on that in a later post), currently he’s filming for Miracle with Kim Kang Woo (I have more info on that as well as soon as I’m all updated ^_^) In the meantime enjoy some more pictures from Kim Bum’s Japanese Website…

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Kim Bum Visits Japan & Thailand

So since I’m still playing catch up on news, we all know what Kim So Eun is up to and doing so it’s only fair that I post some updates on her Bumsso’s significant other…or the other half that makes up the Bumsso Couple — Kim Bum

After completion of Padam Padam he has been very busy, and this is old news since he’s already back from his visits and has already begun shootingMiracle, with Kim Kang Woo, but more on that later.

First on the list of Kim Bum updates is his visits to Japan and Thailand where he was met with a lot of fans (and I mean lot…of screaming fans) which only attests to his hallyu star status.

Kim Bum in Japan

Kim Bum in Thailand

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Kim Bum Features in Another Japanese Magazine

…and the magazine scans just keep on coming…

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Unseen photos from Japanese fanmeeting

There are some unseen photos that weren’t revealed in the last post about the Japanese fanmeeting. Especially, Kim Bum playing the guitar is very handsome.

Check out the photos below:

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Kim Bum’s official profile page

I think that’s all of the pictures from the King Kong website. Enjoy!

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Kim Bum resolves lawsuit with Eyagi

Our prayers seem to be answered after all. King Kong Ent and Eyagi Ent have resolved their lawsuit (Eyagi Ent dropped the accusations), both companies wanting to continue having a partner-like relationship.

Kim Bum will return to Japan on April 24th to promote Boys Over Flowers.

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