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The Many Looks of Kim So Eun

As I mentioned in my earlier post (about a month or so back) there was an upsurge of Kim So Eun interviews which also meant a large number of Kim So Eun pictures after the drought period of her drama. Each interview she had a different look so I decided to finally post all the interview pictures that came out (okay maybe not all since there were truly many but a handful at least).

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Kim So Eun Interviews

There have been an upsurge of Kim So Eun Interviews since the finale of A Good Day For The Wind to Blow. Till recent there was little news of Kim So Eun as she was working on her drama that ran for about 9 months.

Currently we’re working on getting all the interviews translated if possible, so please have patience. In the meantime you can enjoy some of the current pictures of Kim So Eun from her interviews.

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