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Stars from King Kong Entertainment in High Cut


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Kim Bum’s official profile page

I think that’s all of the pictures from the King Kong website. Enjoy!

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Kim Bum for High Cut (Updated)

I found some HQ scans of the High Cut Magazine on a Naver blog so I decided to update this post. Now show me your PSed works!


High Cut Ebook has released different posters of Kim Bum. You can purchase the Ebook for 6900 won, and for 1000 won a year, you can get exclusive posters of Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, 2PM, Kim Bum, and others’ that are not available anywhere else.

More pictures:

Behind the scenes with So Eun for High Cut

A few pic of So Eun goofing off with staff during her shooting of High Cut (updated)

Yea Bummie, So Eun can be sassy and take gorgeous selcas too! Now where are the ones that they take together? XD

Behind the scenes with Kim Bum

Because one can’t go on without the other person doing the same thing.

And then there was a few pictures from the It’s Skin signing, from Kim Bum’s Japanese agency Glory Entertainment:

skin1 skin2 skin3 skin4

And there’s also BTS with Go Ara for the fall collection of SPRIS, but I guess since it’s not So Eun we’re not interested? XD

Kim Bum’s High Cut BTS Video

Remember the tiny images of Bummie we had in the previous (many) posts of High Cut? Well this video shows how they came about… with Bummie jump roping and flirting with the camera.

Kim Bum High Cut BTS Photos

Seems like both Bummie and Eunnie are doing a fair share of High Cuts lately! High Cut just released some behind the scenes pictures of Bummie’s shoot:

Kim So Eun for High Cut (New)


So Eun’s pictures from High Cut were released, and I believe it is the same issue as Bummie’s. In Bummie’s part it says there is an “open your bag” feature, which is the theme of So Eun’s photoshoot. So Eun displayed the contents of her bag, and the pictures and explanations are after the jump.

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Cyworld Romance?

It’s not the first time the couple had similar cyworlds or had hidden messages to one another, and although they had kept their cyworlds differently for a while, they just couldn’t keep it up anymore.

Bummie’s pictures for High Cut were released a few days ago, and one of the headlines for his pictures was “I’m a dreamer”. Then today, So Eun changed her Cyworld background, with the same message.


dreamer dreamer2

Only a coincidence? I think not.

Will post all the other cyworld rumors in the next few days.

Kim So Eun for High Cut


High Cut pictures from Kim So Eun for comparison with Bummie’s. Lots of smiles… and lots of curly (bed) hair. Rest of the pictures after the jump.

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