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Unseen photos from Japanese fanmeeting

There are some unseen photos that weren’t revealed in the last post about the Japanese fanmeeting. Especially, Kim Bum playing the guitar is very handsome.

Check out the photos below:

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F3 & Gu Hye Sun attend fan meet in Osaka

As you know, the Boys Over Flowers cast love to hold fan meetings in Japan. On the 18th, there was another one in Osaka, attended by Gu Hye Sun, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon, and Kim Bum. 

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Kim Bum & Kim So Eun attend Gu Hye Sun’s movie premiere

As you should probably found out, Kim Bum attended Gu Hye Sun’s movie premiere along with Min Ho and others.

Looks like So Eun went to the premiere after all! She just wasn’t there when the media was snapping photos of Kim Bum and Min Ho. I wonder why.

@ 0:22

Bummie pictures:

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Undisclosed BOF Special

More BTS videos that were undisclosed are being released by Mnet Japan. They are sure evil keeping us waiting. But since there was a fanmeeting for BoF, I suppose they needed to do something to entice the fans.

cr: ffsaints

Since this is the first part, I believe there will be more. Oh boy. I don’t like this dragginess, but I will wait patiently if it will show Soeul parts. Not going to get my hopes up though. BoF has a history of disappointment in this category.

Pictures from the fanmeeting:

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Kim Bum resolves lawsuit with Eyagi

Our prayers seem to be answered after all. King Kong Ent and Eyagi Ent have resolved their lawsuit (Eyagi Ent dropped the accusations), both companies wanting to continue having a partner-like relationship.

Kim Bum will return to Japan on April 24th to promote Boys Over Flowers.

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Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho support Kim Joon’s Musical



As you probably heard, Kim Joon was the star in a musical, and last night was the final showing. Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho went to support their fellow F4 member (Kim Hyun Joong is busy with SS501 comeback).

Yup the woman in the red hoodie is Gu Hye Sun (I was wrong ^_^). I wonder why the casual attire when everyone else semi dressed up?

Pictures from showing:

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Kim Bum is not a playboy like So Yi Jeong

Edited with more pictures from the event.


Kim Bum arrived at Yokohama University Hall on the 6th, around 4PM for the Japanese promotions, and then flew back to Korea at 8PM. During the 4 hours he was present he attended three events.

At the press conference Kim Bum expressed, “I am not a playboy like So Yi Jeong. When I make friends I’m very serious, and cherish my relationships. I am a good person, so please like and love me a lot. The ‘BoF DVD’ that is selling in Japan has shots from major attractions in Korea. Please check it out.”

At the BoF event Kim Bum said the following about his busy schedule, “As soon as I arrive in Korea I have to start shooting for ‘Dream’ right away. It’s a shame but I promise we will meet again, and I will work very hard”, which garnered much applause from the Japanese fans.

(Via asiaenews,
Please credit bumsso if taking out. I don’t want to repeat myself twice)

More pictures from the event:

Gu Hye Sun also said the following about Kim Bum, “He is the type that is popular among the ladies because he is as handsome/charming as So Yi Jeong.

As you can see only Gu Hye Sun, Kim Bum, Lee Min Ho, and Kim Joon were able to make it to the second day of promotions, and Kim Hyun Joong is not even present. There are accounts of So Eun flying back to Korea, along with Im Ju Hwan as well. It seems that even the news from before wasn’t sure if Kim So Eun would stay for the second day or not. We had hoped for a reunion, but we should be accustomed to BoF disappointing us (especially after almost kiss). But no worries, Kim Bum and Kim So Eun will appear together October 12th for the Drama festival for sure.

But you still have to think about what they said. So Eun says she doesn’t like playboys like So Yi Jeong, and Kim Bum comes back by saying he’s not a playboy like So Yi Jeong? That’s some great intimacy isn’t it?

“Ga Eul-yang” Kim So Eun joins Japanese Promotion


Kim So Eun will join the second (and last) <Boys Over Flowers> Japanese promotion on September 5th and 6th (both days) at Yokohama National University Hall. She will appear along with actor Im Ju Hwan during the first event on the 5th.

Kim So Eun did not participate in the first <Boys Over Flowers> Japanese promotion last April. Therefore during this large scale promotion she will try to accomplish as much as possible and greet the Japanese fans with the main cast.

An organizer expressed, “As soon as Geum Jan Di (Gu Hye Sun)’s friend Kim So Eun appeared on <Boys Over Flowers>, she naturally gave off her innocent charms. During this event, her feminine charms will also appeal to the Japanese fans. Also she is currently preparing to give a performance on stage.”

During this visit, Kim So Eun, along with Im Ju Hwan, T-Max, Howl and others will meet with the Japanese fans on stage. Kim So Eun is currently resting after the closure of her drama “The Man Who Can’t Get Married”.

(Via SportsHanguk
Translation credit: bumsso blog)


It looks like our prayers are answered! She will be there on the 6th with F4 and Gu Hye Sun. I hope there is plenty of interactions involved. I wonder how they’re going to celebrate her birthday with her!

SS501 to go to Japan on Sept 5th


Originally SS501 was going to promote the Korean remake of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ (and the photobook SOFF) on September 5th, but they changed their schedule to appear a day earlier. The September 5th stage will be filled by performances with SS501, T-Max, Howl, and Im Ju Hwan will talk about various NG moments. Actors Lee Min Ho and Kim So Eun are also expected to show up on that day.

Kim Bum and Gu Hye Sun joins the rest of F3 on September 6th, and Kim So Eun will also stay through the 6th.

Tip from Baidu

Kim Bum, Lee Min Ho, and Goo Hye Sun at SS501 Concert


SS501 just kicked off their first Asia tour in Seoul, and fellow Boys Over Flowers cast Kim Bum, Lee Min Ho, and Goo Hye Sun came to cheer on Kim Hyun Joong and SS501.

More paparazzi pictures after the cut.

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