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Kim Bum Spris Magazine Scans

(Credit: Kim Bum DC)

I’m very glad for the platonic relationship they share. Looking at Bummie’s winter endorsement reminds me of So Eun’s Clride.N endorsement also… they do wear very similar clothes… I wonder how the competition is.

SPRIS introduces new styles

Supposedly Bummie is sporting the “Hoodie-Tee and Long pants” look.

(Credit: FNN News, Kim Bum DC)

Kim Bum interviews

What you need to take from this one is that: Kim Bum said his ideal type was someone who is cute, elegant, and aegyos a lot.

Kim Bum said his first love & kiss was in middle school.

There’s a lot of miscellaneous information in these videos, and he doesn’t talk about KSE/GE so I don’t think we’ll sub it. But if people are curious, I may just put up a summary.

Video credits to Kim Beom China.

Kim Bum Spris Photo Shoot Video

Yesterday Kim So Eun’s Photo shoot for Clride.n was posted and today it’s Kim Bum’s turn with his Spris F/W 2009 photo shoot with Go Ara.

Screen Shots:

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We need one of Kim Bum and Kim So Eun together…

Kim Bum for Spris

More Spris pictures!

Spris Magazine featuring Kim Bum and Go Ara

We posted the preview of the Spris magazine a few days ago, and it wasn’t long before the scans were released. There are 20 scans right now, and there should be another set coming soon enough.

credits to Kim Bum DC & Kim Bum China

Kim Bum and Go Ara in Spris Autumn Photobook


Spris Autumn Photobook Shoot

2009 Autumn Theme ‘City Travel’

Kim Bum and Go Ara shoot for Spris’s Autumn Photobook.

This is their third time shooting together. They’re both from Choong-Ang University, Theater and Movies department.

The theme of this Autumn photoshoot is ‘City Travel’, capturing the autumn essence in the heart of the city, by shooting in a free and enjoyable way.

They will shoot with various scooters and bicycles, and introduce the “active look”.

They will have many T-shirts that fit the season of Autumn, and various couple shirts. Ara will model various feminine colored bangles and cute necklaces.

This photobook (free magazine) will be available from the 15th on in all Spris stores.

(Translation credit: bumsso)

*Note: I summarized the main points to the article. There are irrelevant information left out.

More Pictures:




Pictures from Kim Bum China