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Happy Birthday Kim Bum!

Kim Bum Birthday

Kim Bum Birthday


Kim Bum recently held a fan meeting in Seoul for his fans and they surprised him with a birthday cake. Since today is his Birthday, thought I’d just share some of the pictures courtesy of King Kong Entertainment. Wishing him all the best for his birthday, hoping he continues to grow as an actor and that we get to see him in many more projects.

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Kim Bum in Thailand – Part 4

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Kim Bum in Thailand – Part 3

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Kim Bum in Thailand – Part 2

I shall post more pictures on the morrow but for now here are some Videos from Olé Beauty (will post more pictures from the endorsement as well) and Kim Bum’s Welcome to Thailand, along with a message for his fans in Thailand (the editor in me was itching to correct his English, which isn’t bad just needs a little tweaking).

Video Credit: TheNongole

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Kim Bum in Thailand – Part 1

Here are some more pictures of Kim Bum in Thailand. The first part anyways…since there were a lot of pictures that turned up. I tried to stick to the official ones and mainly ones by himself as there were pictures with him and individual fans and after a while I just got tired of picture stealing…

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Kim Bum Visits Japan & Thailand

So since I’m still playing catch up on news, we all know what Kim So Eun is up to and doing so it’s only fair that I post some updates on her Bumsso’s significant other…or the other half that makes up the Bumsso Couple — Kim Bum

After completion of Padam Padam he has been very busy, and this is old news since he’s already back from his visits and has already begun shootingMiracle, with Kim Kang Woo, but more on that later.

First on the list of Kim Bum updates is his visits to Japan and Thailand where he was met with a lot of fans (and I mean lot…of screaming fans) which only attests to his hallyu star status.

Kim Bum in Japan

Kim Bum in Thailand

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Kim Bum in Indonesia

Kim Bum held his fan meeting for his Indonesian fans on 7th August at the Sands Ballroom and Theater.

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“One Sweet Day with Kim Bum” – 1st Thailand Fan Meeting

Kim Bum’s 1st Thailand Fan Meeting titled “One Sweet Day with Kim Bum”  Kicked off July 30th at Paradise Park. The official fan meeting will on 31st July at Royal Paragon Hall, Siam.

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A commercial for Kim Bum’s Japan fanmeeting DVD

Check out this newly released commercial for Kim Bum’s upcoming Japan Fanmeeting DVD, which is set to hit the shelves in February.

Just my two cents here:
Oh my, his Engrish?!
What the heck are “holy nighhhhh”, “fall in laaa” and “feel my harrrr”? The English is not just weirdly accented. It’s actually incorrectly pronounced. Trust me, I did try to ignore it, but it just seemed too standing out for my ears. Did I read some news saying he’s quite fluent in English? Okay, guys, I know I know…He’s not native speaker. Sorry for being a little judgmental. What I’m saying is, owning a large English-speaking fanbase, Kim bum–and his management–may need to consider hiring a private English tutor before recording the song,  perhaps someone like me, free of charge…J/K

Again, Kim Bum may want to practice his posing while singing. He seems to not know where to put his hands, seriously.

credit to the video uploader

“Kim Bum Japan Fan Meeting” DVD hits shelves in February

Exciting news, guys, “Kim Bum Japan Fan Meeting in Osaka” will be released on DVD and the scheduled release date is February 22th! The DVD will include two singles performed at the fan meeting–“the sky of Christmas eve” and “I’m going to meet you now”, and the must-see scenes of Kim Bum performing his roles with fans. Also, some behind-the-scene footage, Kim Bum’s Japan trip album and all the other latest news from Fans will be included.

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