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Psychometry Releases New Trailer and Poster

Kim Bum Psychometry PosterPsychometry is gearing up for it’s March 7th, 2013 release with a new trailer, and posters.

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Kim Bum Films an Advertisement in China

Currently Kim Bum shared pictures from his arrival into China and shooting commercial in China on his Weibo account, thanking his fans for the warm welcome.

Between his movie filming, and working on his Japanese album he sure keeps busy

Source: Kim Bum Facebook & Weibo

Kim So Eun Not on Facebook

Kim So Eun tweeted that she’s not on facebook, even though her tweets and pictures are being copied to facebook, under impersonation of being her. Kim So Eun requested via tweet for the person to “please stop impersonating” and also mentioned that in future if she did create a facebook account she would let everyone know for herself.

Source: Kim So Eun Twitter

To me Kim Bum is….

If you can complete that sentence you could win a personalized autograph from Kim Bum. The event was posted on Kim Bum’s Facebook.  Kim Bum’s Facebook Event for June will be hosted on Facebook from June 1st to June 10th. Fifteen winners will be announced on June 17th, based on how interesting and how creative the comments are.

Simple as that!

Source: Kim Bum Facebook

Kim Bum on Facebook

Kim Bum (or maybe his agency) has been actively updating his facebook with videos and updates so that the fans can interact with Kim Bum on Facebook. Here’s the official link in case you want to catch his updates and latest pictures…so even if I miss any updates I’m sure you can catch up with him on face book.

Click Here to connect with Kim Bum on Facebook

Here’s the video posted today:

Source: Kim Bum Face Book

Kim Bum with the “Green Apple”

Some more pictures from the event:


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