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The “Flower Boy curse”?

As you probably heard, Kim Hyun Joong’s new drama <Playful Kiss> only received 3.5% in viewer ratings. Thinking about the other boys of F4, people have started to notice a pattern and dubbed the F4’s unfortunate events as the “Flower Boy curse”.

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InStyle Interview: Man of Style

Check out the magazine scans via this post.

Playboy, good-looking guy, warm smile… there are quite a few words come up to people’s mind when talking about Kim Bum. Five years after entering showbiz, Kim bum, as an actor, has achieved considerable accomplishments. Thanks entirely to his hilarious, talented performance in “Highkick” as Kim Ho, and his real-actor turn in “Eden of the East” as Lee Dong-chae, followed by the heartthrob So Yi-jung in “Boys over Flowers”, the pickpocket-turned-boxer Lee Jang-suk in “Dream’, and his breakthrough role in movie “Bi-sang”, Kim Bum is always passionately into his work.

“I feel I just start right now,” He says,” It is like running a Marathon, you have to complete the entire 26 miles to get to the finishing line. Only people with strong belief and passion can make it.” This is Kim Bum, an open-minded, brave and fearless actor. So how’s 2010 been treating him so far?

Last year, you performed in a couple of dramas/movies, and won the Best Newcomer Award at SBS Drama Award. Congratulations!
The new comer award came with a little surprise. It’s very special to me. It might bring with some pressure, but I felt really happy receiving this award.

Without taking a break, you picked a new project?
I didn’t take even one week off last year. I was planning to take a break after finishing filming Dream, but then Still came up and the role fit me well. I didn’t want to give up it. I feel it’s a great opportunity to work with a lot of veterans.

In your latest drama, I heard about a relationship with 12 years age gap. Have you ever came across this situation before?
You mean love beyond age gap? I thought it was impossible before. But after this drama, I feel people of older age also have the right to pursue love. Age shouldn’t be the limitation. I even feel more comfortable hanging around with older people now. So I want to meet such person.

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F4 attacks Asia

Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon, etc, will take the Korean Wave to the rest of Asia. After the “Boys Over Flowers Syndrome” hit many Asian countries, the F4 have decided to help promote the Korean wave and have fan meetings and concerts in other Asian countries.

Kim Bum will head to Thailand on December 7th for a fan meeting. This is to expand his stage to Southeast Asia. Kim Bum’s management expressed, “Thailand is the biggest Hallyu Market after Japan and China. Even though Kim Bum is only a rising Hallyu star, it’s a good opportunity to develop new fans.”

Kim Hyun Joong and SS501 will head to Hong Kong on December 9th for their album promotions and concert.

Kim Joon and T-Max will head to Singapore for a concert and fan meeting on December 10th. Even though Kim Joon was diagnosed with Swine Flu, he was cleared on the 2nd and started his concert preparations.

F4 leader Lee Min Ho will start his fan meetings in Taiwan and Hong Kong starting this weekend.

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“Ga Eul-yang” Kim So Eun joins Japanese Promotion


Kim So Eun will join the second (and last) <Boys Over Flowers> Japanese promotion on September 5th and 6th (both days) at Yokohama National University Hall. She will appear along with actor Im Ju Hwan during the first event on the 5th.

Kim So Eun did not participate in the first <Boys Over Flowers> Japanese promotion last April. Therefore during this large scale promotion she will try to accomplish as much as possible and greet the Japanese fans with the main cast.

An organizer expressed, “As soon as Geum Jan Di (Gu Hye Sun)’s friend Kim So Eun appeared on <Boys Over Flowers>, she naturally gave off her innocent charms. During this event, her feminine charms will also appeal to the Japanese fans. Also she is currently preparing to give a performance on stage.”

During this visit, Kim So Eun, along with Im Ju Hwan, T-Max, Howl and others will meet with the Japanese fans on stage. Kim So Eun is currently resting after the closure of her drama “The Man Who Can’t Get Married”.

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It looks like our prayers are answered! She will be there on the 6th with F4 and Gu Hye Sun. I hope there is plenty of interactions involved. I wonder how they’re going to celebrate her birthday with her!

SS501 to go to Japan on Sept 5th


Originally SS501 was going to promote the Korean remake of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ (and the photobook SOFF) on September 5th, but they changed their schedule to appear a day earlier. The September 5th stage will be filled by performances with SS501, T-Max, Howl, and Im Ju Hwan will talk about various NG moments. Actors Lee Min Ho and Kim So Eun are also expected to show up on that day.

Kim Bum and Gu Hye Sun joins the rest of F3 on September 6th, and Kim So Eun will also stay through the 6th.

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Kim Bum SOFF Pictures

Here are some new Kim Bum SOFF signing pictures released by Glory Entertainment & KenterKey (Kim Bum’s Agency in Japan)

Edit: The 168 pg photo book will be releasing officially on Sept 5th. Hopefully we will be able to provide more pictures when its released.

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Some Magazine Scans:


(Source credit: KB Baidu Bar)

Story Of Four Flowers


It seems like SOFF (Story of Four Flowers) is selling well in Japan. The preorder numbers have been #1, and it will be available in stores starting September 5th.




F4 Japan Photobook

Here are a few pictures from the F4 Japan Photobook – SOFF (Story of Four Flowers), to be released on September 5th, 2009:

The photobook is 168 pages, containing photos of F4 and private videos.

(Photos via freezonenews, SportsKorea)

Kim Bum is too pretty to be boyfriend material

Pretty Kim Bum

In an interview for Chinese magazine ‘Stars Fan Club’, Lee Min Ho was asked the following question, “If you were a girl, out of F3, who would you choose to be your boyfriend?”

Star Fans Club 1Star Fans Club 2
(Magazine scans: meow13@soompi)

The F4 leader replied, “First would be Kim Joon hyung, but the relationship wouldn’t last long. Then comes Kim Hyun Joong, but it wouldn’t last long either. Last would be Kim Bum, hahahaha!”

I wonder why Kim Bum was last on Min Ho’s list. Maybe its because the boy is just so pretty, like Kim Hyun Joong says:

(Video credit: hoonfamily)

(Starts at 2:04)

Interviewer: Who do you think is the prettiest out of F4?
Hyun Joong: If we’re talking about pretty boys, then they should be more feminine than they are masculine. Wouldn’t that person be Bummie?
Interviewer: But I think Kim Hyun Joong-ssi is the prettiest.
Hyun Joong: Well, I can’t choose myself right?
Hyun Joong: When I put on makeup, I’m a pretty boy for sure.


Only god knows why Lee Min Ho ranked Bummie last. He’s definitely top in MY list. Well in any case, it doesn’t really matter what we think, because what So Eun thinks is more important!