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Eichitoo Summer 2013 Collection featuring Kim Bum

Eichitoo’s New Summer Collection for 2013

Kim Bum Eichitoo Summer

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New Summer Releases from Eichitoo featuring Kim Bum & Ariel Lin

Eichitoo released some more new images for their Summer 2013 collection featuring Ariel Lin and Kim Bum

Kim Bum & Ariel Lin Eichitoo

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New releases from Eichitoo featuring Ariel Lin and Kim Bum

Some new images were released for Kim Bum and Ariel Lin’s endorsement for Eichitoo.

In other news, Kim Bum said that if “That Winter” reaches above 20% viewer rating, then he and Jung Eun Ji will kiss (obviously a publicity stunt). So everyone just stop watching right now ๐Ÿ˜›



Kim Bum for Eichitoo Spring Collection


Eichitoo recently released photos from the Spring Collection featuring Kim Bum and Ariel Lin. Check them out below!

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Eichitoo Men’s Collection Gallery

Eichitoo released their look book for their new collection for both man and woman on their website. You can also view their CF and download wallpapers from their website (the wallpaper feature isn’t available yet).

I know it looks like I’ve spammed the blog with Eichitoo posts but I think this should be the last of them.

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Eichitoo New Pictures & CF

I don’t know if these are the final sets of pictures we’ll see or if there’ll be more, but here’s the CF launched on 29th, June along with more pictures from the new website.

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Eichitoo Teasers & Photo Shoot BTS

Eichitoo is planning on launching the new website and collection on June 29th and has released teasers and new pictures along with an interview with Kim Bum & Ariel Lin

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Eichitoo Website Coming Soon with Kim Bum & Ariel Lin

So Eichitoo will be updating their website soon featuring Kim Bum and Ariel Lin. In the meantime we can enjoy a few of the behind the scenes goodies.

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Kim Bum with Ariel Lin for Eichitoo

Kim Bum’s second endorsement in China was for Eichitoo, working along with Ariel Lin. Meant to post this earlier as well when they came out in May but it got lost in my list of things to do.

More Pictures & Information can be found at ย Koala’s Playground