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Kim So Eun Joins Twitterverse

Kim So Eun posted some pictures on her cyworld announcing that she joined twitter on her cyworld

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Kim Bum updates his Cyworld

Yesterday,  Kim Bum updated his Cyworld background, which is very dark and different from the old ones.  It shows speakers on the right hand, which is playing some songs?

I have a weired feeling towards his new background.  Probably Soeun’s busy with her drama and they have no plenty of time meet together,  so he feels very depressed these days? Or he wants to sing birthday songs to soeun.

I’m waiting for soeun’s upate, and hope her change hers to match bum’s.

ps. Kim bum updated his twitter, seems like his two toes hurt very bad when playing soccer.

So Eun updates Cyworld

So Eun recently updated her cyworld with the following captions:

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So Eun’s new selcas

From her own Cyworld.

“Because I haven’t uploaded any photos in a while… awkward -_-”

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Jin Yi Han’s Selca with So Eun

This was a few days ago, but Jin Yi Han uploaded a photo on his cyworld titled “Sso~”

The caption for the photo translates to

Waiting for filming to start
Practicing the script with the kiddo (T/N: more like running through the script, and the kiddo part is just a phrase to refer to younger people/kids)
Click click.

Doesn’t the pout look like a certain one from the post below? Cute.

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Kim Bum’s blog updated: On the set of “Still”

『まだ结婚したい女』撮影现场 byマネージャー2010.01.28
On the set of “Still” — By the management 2010.01.28

The script of Episode 5

Despite the wintry weather, Kim Bum is blissfully enjoying the filming under the pleasant atmosphere on the set.

Before starting filming in the gym, Kim Bum is reading the script.

Please look forward to more on-set shots.

Kim Bum and Kim So Eun updated their cyworlds

Bummie and Eunnie both updated their cyworlds almost the same time. Eunnie did it on the 23th, and Bummie on the 24th. Conincidence?

Do you notice the big flashing red star on the T-shirt? Red star reminds me of so eun’s cyworld, because her cyworld’s name is red star. OMG. He is alone?  He feels so lonely, either because someone is busy with her new drama, he is missing her very much. Or he is not satisfied with the drama’s rating?

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So Eun updates Cyworld

She seems very excited about her new project!


우리 곧 만나요!



Raining Day

We will meet soon!
With a different look…..^^

A Good Day For The Wind To Blow – KBS


She even changed the title of her Cyworld to the title of the drama. Her background was changed a few days ago, but it was a theme she has used before.

Cyworld Updates

News have been sort of slow during Christmas season, which isn’t a bad thing for them to take a break, although I hear Kim Bum has started filming his new drama “The Woman Who Can’t Get Married” a while ago. That workaholic never stops. The website has been established a few days ago, you can go see it here. There isn’t too much info on it so far, just a few intros and pictures. Although I really like his image (looks, not role) in this drama.

Kim Bum’s Cyworld background has been updated:

The Korean translates to:

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So Eun wants you to listen to ClassicFM Radio

As she changes the title of her Cyworld. She changes it quite often these days.

There is a rumor that she’s having a fanmeeting on the 27th. Let’s pray it’s true!