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Kim So Eun in Clride.N Worldcup Campaign

Really cute picture! Let’s hope Korea wins ๐Ÿ™‚

Source: KSE Baidu

Special Gift from Clride.N

Get a free movie ticket if you spend 50,000 won or more at the Lotte Department Store. But… a movie ticket is only 8,000 won.

Old keychains:

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HQ shots of New Clride.N fashion

Edit: More goodies added!

How cute, coupling shirts.

After teasing us with articles about the new jeans and shirts, Clride.N finally updated its website and showed us the new goodies.

There are wallpapers at the end. Update your desktops! ๐Ÿ˜€

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New Spring Fashion, fresh and lively like SHINee and Kim So Eun

Clride.N updated its website. So here are some new photos. Old photos after cut. Click on button to enlarge.

The posters for the new spring jeans fashion just appeared. Clride.N is introducing the new Crystal Cubic Jeans. While wearing a white t-shirt and the cubic jeans, Kim So Eun is showing off both her mature and youthful figure.

Termed “Bling Bling Jeans”, the jeans are adorned with cubic crystals. There will be 2 styles, slim straight and boot cut.

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Kim So Eun Clride.N Fansigning

Old ones:

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More of Kim So Eun @ Clride.N Fan Signing

More fancams:


So pretty right? Bummie-yah, are you watching?

Old pics after the cut

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Regarding So Eun


Since people are asking me the same questions and not reading my comments to each other, I think it’s necessary to make a post about it.

Kim So Eun is NOT attending the event Kim Bum is starring on November 22nd for the Korean Drama Festival (Event formally known as ‘Japanese vs. Taiwanese vs. Korean BoF’, now it is ‘3 actors, a story with 3 colors’, guest TBA). At least the organizers already deleted her name off. HOWEVER, she is probably attending the Korean Drama Festival as a guest, probably sitting in the audience. As you know, many stars do attend these special outings. She is simply not sharing a stage with Kim Bum. At least, that is what the organizers are indicating.

On the other hand, Kim So Eun will have a fan signing event on November 6th for Clride.N in Busan. Hopefully the media will be there and take some decent pictures.

New photos of Kim So Eun from Clride.N


New pictures from Clride.N photoshoot. Old and new after the cut:

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Clride.N Wallies

All 1280×1024. From KSE DC & Baidu.



BTS photos from Clride.N shoot

Onew-yah.. run away before Bummie catches you! XD

(credit: KSE Baidu)

I know we haven’t posted much So Eun news lately, it’s because she has been staying low. She said she wouldn’t do anything big for the next 3 months because she is getting some rest.