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Holiday Wishes To Bumssonians

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Bumsso

There was no news not even a post…

So to remedy that…

I was actually hoping I could attach some goodies to this post or a funny story. Unfortunately I’m good at neither. I have grand ideas just horrible execution. Those who know me well can attest to that. So a Christmas Wish it is.

Wishing all of you, goodness, love and happiness in this holiday Season.

Hopefully the New Year will bring good surprises, more news or maybe even a drama or two.

(A girl can wish)

I will post updates after the holidays since I’m working a continuous grueling shift for the holidays, so bear with me.

Till then, to all a Merry Christmas & to all a Gnight (It’s night in my part of the world)



Bumsso love through the years

I know. I know. “Who are you?” and “Where have you been?” right? I know you didn’t miss me much, seeing how proactive our other writers have been. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ AND, as said by Superman, “I’m always around.” HA! Sorry about the cheese. Moving on…

Just wanted to do a fun little feature since we’ve gone a long time without the love. It’s nothing new or special, just a little comparison of the cute things they wore in the past, and how great they look together (์ž˜ ์–ด์šธ๋ฆฌ๋„ค…). Pictures are ancient, so bear with me.

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Love is episode 3

DBLTwins updated with the third episode of their mini-drama.

Enjoy the expertly made video and the refreshing plotline! Don’t forget to leave them love notes on the video & the channel!

Love is Epi 2

For those having withdrawals…Presenting Episode 2 of Love is…

Remember to leave comments on the video for the creative team of the video on their youtube site, to show appreciation for all their hard work.


They’re my reindeers

Hello! So Santa here will be personally delivering the presents to Bummie and Eunnie during Christmas Time, and guess who are my trusty reindeers? Bummie and Eunnie of course:


Of course it’s totally legit because they even have polar bears at their disposal (and sorry I can’t change the colors perfectly =_= at least I took Taemin out XD)

Having my cute reindeers by my side I won’t get lost for sure XD

While on the topic of the SPRIS magazines, there is something else:

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Happy 100 Days to Bumsso!



(Yeap, they got our message :D)

I can’t believe it’s only been 100 days since this blog started existing. Seems like forever! I would like to thank all the readers for visiting and leaving comments, and continuing to give each other strength when our fandom is wavering.

Since it is our 100 days (an important day for Korean couples), we’re giving a little back to our lovely readers for supporting the Bumsso couple.

It’s been hard lately with all the disappointments, but I believe there must be an upside to every downside. Since we have been patient through the lows, we must be rewarded with the highs sometime right? I’m rather optimistic considering how depressed I was a few hours ago, but it’s very easy to find more delusions and throw away more realities. And for the committed Bumsso/Soeul shippers, this won’t let us down right?

Sorry for the bad inspirational speech, but I do have goodies to show. It’ll cheer you up a lot, I promise!

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Soeulmates Christmas Project

Deadline for sending in messages has passed. No more messages will be accepted unless you are a contributor or a donor.

Paypal Donate

The Soeulmates Christmas project is brought to you by Soeulmates International & Bumsso Blog, and in collaboration with Soeun Angels. This project is not only to thank them for the beautiful love and chemistry that they created, but also to encourage them to be in the same production next time around.

After we send the presents, I’m thinking of contacting the online news writers (Newsen, mydaily, etc) so we can hopefully get some recognition. (That is if the project is big and fans donated a lot of money, so please help out! Click on that Paypal Donate link above!)

Please continue for the messages & presents:

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Bumsso Megapost #5

Despite recent downers, I won’t be discouraged to stop updating the blog. There weren’t megaposts before because there was a lot of news, but since it’s been slow on the news lately, I’ll write a post to lift your spirits.

First some sitely updates: if you go to the Bonjuk Tab right below the banner you can click the link to the bonjuk wallpapers. I’ve organized everything by month and listed two sizes for you. Hope this will make navigation easier.

I’ve also uploaded all the official pictures from the Boys Over Flowers website here. And you can also get linked here from the Pictures tab. I’ll try to upload all the pictures from photoshoots and news articles, but there are a lot, so it will have to come slowly.

There is also a Links page. You can go roam around to all the other Soeulmates sites out there. Man I felt like I did a lot more while I was typing, but I guess not XD

Moving onto the main content:

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Bumsso Megapost #4

Happy 2 Month Anniversary to Bumsso!

I can’t believe it’s only been 2 months… seems like forever already XD Not that it’s a bad thing. Just wished I had started earlier… not so much catching up to do.

Sorry about the delay on the megapost… I was out for half the week, but it’s still Monday where I live ๐Ÿ˜€

Again don’t bash me if you think it’s totally wrong. It’s simply for fun and curing withdrawals. I’m not gonna put the disclaimer anymore because I don’t think anyone who doesn’t like bumsso would read this blog.

Remember our Soeulmate Ambassadors? Well… *inserts photoshopped picture*


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Bumsso Megapost #3


For now I’ve decided to post Megaposts on Mondays. It’s still Sunday where I am, but the majority of the readers are from Asian countries (I think) so by the time you read it it’ll be Monday, and I have more time to compile on Sunday night anyways. So without further adieu, enjoy, keep on fantasizing, keep on dreaming, comment, and spread the word!

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