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Kim Bum cast in “The Goddess of Fire”

Kim Bum



Kim Bum has been cast, as Kim Tae Do, opposite Moon Geun Young, in the Goddess of Fire.

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Kim So Eun Sina Interview

Thanks to Kevin for mentioning this, Kim So Eun did a recent interview with Sina since she connected with her Chinese fans and opened a Weibo account. Most of the interview talks about her career, her new drama Happy Ending, working with Kang Ta. She also mentioned Kim Bum two times in the interview.

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Kim Bum is Kim So Eun’s best Co-star

I know we all feel that way but Kim So Eun confirmed it for us in her recent interview

I’m not going to translate the  interview because I don’t know much Korean but thanks to NinjaKil who translated for me I can share with you what she said about Kim Bum.

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Kim So Eun Says She Doesn’t Want to Get Married

Kim So Eun has been married twice, in her dramas, first with Jin Yi Han in A Good Day for the Wind to Blow & second with Ryu Jin from her current drama A Thousand Kisses. Since her marriage in both dramas has been riddled with its fair share of obstacles, Kim So Eun expressed that she herself doesn’t have any exclusive desire to get married in a recent interview featured on Sports Khan

The 22 year old actress says that after being in 2 “marriages” in these dramas, the idea of marriage isn’t too desirable at the moment for her.

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Undisclosed BOF Special

More BTS videos that were undisclosed are being released by Mnet Japan. They are sure evil keeping us waiting. But since there was a fanmeeting for BoF, I suppose they needed to do something to entice the fans.

cr: ffsaints

Since this is the first part, I believe there will be more. Oh boy. I don’t like this dragginess, but I will wait patiently if it will show Soeul parts. Not going to get my hopes up though. BoF has a history of disappointment in this category.

Pictures from the fanmeeting:

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Kim Bum’s interview to Jyosei Jishin

(Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Here is a translation of Kim Bum’s interview to Japanese magazine Jyosei Jishin, a Valentine’s Day gift to all of you! Enjoy!)

This time Jyosei Jishin features the young “pretty boy” actor Kim Bum. Through the TV series East of Eden, Kim Bum received a lot of attention from the female reviewers. Later, Kim Bum gained further popularity via the role of So Yi-jung in Boys Over Flowers.

X-Gun (the show host): “Wow~~ that’s him! That’s him”
“Hello. Nice to meet you.”
Kim Bum: “Nice to meet you.”
X-Gun: “wow, you look really handsome!”
Kim Bum:” Thank you.”
X-Gun says to the interpreter :”He understands what I said.” Then he turns to Kim Bum, “you’re so tall.”
Kim Bum:”Thank you.”

How many times have you been to Japan?
Kim Bum: About ten times.

What do you think about Japan?
People in Japan are very friendly and polite. Personally I like Japan a lot and hope can come here more often.

In Japan, flower boys are very popular. You played Nishikado (So Yi-jung). Including the other three roles, which one do you want to play most?
I think Nishikado is a very charismatic role. Even I could go back, I would choose to perform the same character.

We have another version Flower Boys in Japan. What do you think about it?
Since the original version of flower boys has been very popular, I feel some pressure, especially for the viewers who have seen the previous version. I would consider their thoughts upon the new version.

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TWWSWTM Epi 1&2 Review

(Disclaimer: Since I couldn’t find any English subs for this show, I watched these two episodes with Chinese subs. My Chinese reading skill isn’t that good. My understanding and interpretation upon the plot and the characters might not be 100% correct. )

Warning: slight plot spoilers

As I commented in the caps post, I didn’t expect the show would kick off with high ratings, since it’s currently competing against two strong shows (Chuno and Will it snow for X’mas). However, the ratings fluctuating in the 4-5% range absolutely isn’t something I anticipated or something I’m happy to see. Although high ratings do, sometimes, lead me to watch a show and see if it is really worth all the hype, I’m usually not the type of person who would judge a show solely based on its ratings. Because I know it’s important and necessary to consider a show on its own merits. Pretty annoyed by facing Still lagging in the ratings, I decided to check out it on my own. The reasons? Simply put, apart from Kim Bum, I’m eager to find out how this show has been underrated by the viewers. I watched the first two episodes of Still in a row last night, and felt literally…technically…kind of…unimpressed.

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Happy 100 Days to Bumsso!



(Yeap, they got our message :D)

I can’t believe it’s only been 100 days since this blog started existing. Seems like forever! I would like to thank all the readers for visiting and leaving comments, and continuing to give each other strength when our fandom is wavering.

Since it is our 100 days (an important day for Korean couples), we’re giving a little back to our lovely readers for supporting the Bumsso couple.

It’s been hard lately with all the disappointments, but I believe there must be an upside to every downside. Since we have been patient through the lows, we must be rewarded with the highs sometime right? I’m rather optimistic considering how depressed I was a few hours ago, but it’s very easy to find more delusions and throw away more realities. And for the committed Bumsso/Soeul shippers, this won’t let us down right?

Sorry for the bad inspirational speech, but I do have goodies to show. It’ll cheer you up a lot, I promise!

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Boys Over Flowers Making Film BTS

cr: meow13131313

Features the bonjuk bts scene.

Boys Over Flowers BTS Photos (Updated)

Another 2 (The BTS will never end! When will they show the goodies?)


Old ones (surprisingly all in bonjuk shop):

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