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Bi-sang review: an ambitious experiment

I came across this movie online last weekend. (by coming across, I mean it’s somewhere on the Internet. Don’t even bother to ask where. I won’t tell, because it’s just not some legal publication that should be encouraged or even promoted, especially through here, via Bumsso.) Apart from knowing it’s starring Kim Bum, I didn’t have any other prior knowledge upon the movie, which indicates that I had expectation upon the movie but wasn’t sure what exactly to expect. Bi-sang ended up being a decent movie. By no means is it a Oscar-winning cinema, however, I was satisfied but not very impressed.

*Warning: Review contains movie Spoilers*

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Bisang BTS Shots

Another set! From Naver:

Originally there was more BTS that I wanted to retrieve… but since the movie is rated R, I can’t even access the site without confirming that I am 19+. And somehow my passport was rejected ㅠ.ㅠ

More pictures:

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Kim So Eun supports Bisang

The email is everything I’ve said in this post. Minus the delusional thoughts.

Some shots from the Cafe (credit as tagged):

According to the Chinese fans at the event, Kim Bum was originally seated closer to the door (and faced away from the door) and moved more inwards later on. He drank coffee and talked with the staff and the other actors. Since the picture of him from the backside was when he was wearing the first outfit, the person was probably a staff. After 5PM, Kim Bum switched oufits to head over to the VIP (2nd) screening.

The fans from DC did spot So Eun in a cafe next to the theater, although they didn’t say when and where.

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Kim Bum becomes the #1 Host

In his new movie Bisang / Fly Up. Here is the newest trailer:

Fly Up is set to release December 10th. The company postponed the release date in order to dispute the R rating (no children under 19), but it was not possible without editing out the crucial scenes of the movie.

Kim Bum @ Max Movie Preview

Yet another premiere…

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Bisang VIP Screening

There were 2 screenings yesterday… busy day for Kim Bum, and yet he still managed to change his clothes.

There are a few more but it’s the same Kim Bum smiling at the crowd and the same uncomfortable looking Kim Byul staring off into the crowd.

(Credit as tagged)

Kim Bum fancams @ Bisang Screenings

From both screenings… the one in black was the premiew, and the one in white shirt and suit was the VIP one…

Doesn’t he look happier in the white (maybe he saw a special someone he is very glad to have his costar next to him)?

Hmm why is he stretching his neck in some of the pics??? hoping someone else came to see him at the earlier premiere? and look at that smile on him… tehehehe

(Credit: Kim Bum DC. There were a lot more, but I just picked the interesting ones)

Kim Bum wants to get rid of the pretty boy illusion

During the preview screening of the upcoming movie Bisang (Fly Up), Kim Bum expressed that he wants to get rid of the illusion people have of him from watching ‘Boys Over Flowers’.

In this movie, Kim Bum made a 180 degree turn and became a host in order to protect his love.

Kim Bum had expressed his desire to become an action star, and the reason for choosing projects such as ‘Dream’ and “Bisang’ was to learn. He felt that people had a false illusion of him after watching “Boys Over Flowers’, and he wanted to show people a new image of himself.

Kim Bum also wanted to go to a host bar, but because of his busy schedule, he expressed his disappointment about not being able to go.

Bisang is set to release December 10th (they delayed it for a week), and this movie now has a rating of adults age 19 and up (NC19?). They couldn’t have lowered the rating considering the violence and other bad influences in the movie, and it was to protect the adolescents.

There was a lot of media at the event, and by the time morning comes there will probably be at least 100 pictures. I drew the line at 51 pictures, but most of them are similar in different angles. Enjoy.

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Fly Up OST

Fly Up, also known as Bisang, released its first song from the OST:

WOW it’s Park Shin Yang (Lovers in Paris). I never thought he sang too! I’m not too into older actors, but he’s one of those that I can’t help but love.


01. 박신양 – 사랑을 줘요 (Park Shin Yang – Give Me Love)
02. 사랑울 줘요 (MR) (Give Me Love (MR))


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Bisang New MV

It’s getting closer and closer to the release date of Bisang / Fly Up (December3rd). After a string of interviews, there are more videos released.

There are 2 kissing scenes in this MV, one in the middle one at the end (but Bummie doesn’t really reciprocate)… so if you can’t take it, don’t watch it. However, you do see a very scrawny looking Bummie kneeling down in his underwear (along with another partner in crime. No worries, it’s a male).

If anyone wants the mp3 of the song, I can rip it for you until the OST comes out.

There is my take on the plot of the movie:

It looks like Soo Kyeong (Byul) probably hits her head and becomes psychotic (Korean drama classic) considering she’s in a hospital and looks very withdrawn and scared of Shi Bum (Kim Bum). Their initial meeting is tragic, and although they have a little run of happiness, it looks like bad things will happen again and she ends up in the hospital. Then it just all goes downhill since she doesn’t look like she remembers him (there is a scene where Shi Bum embraces Soo Kyeong, and she just stands there. Emotionless. Yay?), and the synopsis said Shi Bum would lose his life for her. Therefore, even if she does remember him and there is a sweet union, Kim Bum will die soon after (even sweeter. I’m so sorry Bummie).

The movie just looks very tragic in general with all the deaths and fighting and separations, but it’s not too far from the classic Korean drama tragedies. I hope the movie does well since Dream flopped, but I hope nobody will worship this coupling. Considering they had a short run of happiness and Soo Kyeong keeps on pushing Shi Bum away after that, I hope my prediction comes true.