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Kim So Eun says Bye To Woo Joo Mi and Hello to L

…and no I don’t mean L from Death Note (that would require a drastic makeover)

Picture Source: Kim So Eun Twitter

Kim So Eun has already begun shooting for “Secret Angel” where she will portray a cute and klutzy angel named L. She will star alongside Jan Woo Hyuk in the Chinese web drama which will premiere on March 21st, on

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Kim Bum a fool for Jung Woo Sung

Or rather Kook Soo is a fool for Kang Chil in the drama Padam Padam.

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Kim So Eun Says She Doesn’t Want to Get Married

Kim So Eun has been married twice, in her dramas, first with Jin Yi Han in A Good Day for the Wind to Blow & second with Ryu Jin from her current drama A Thousand Kisses. Since her marriage in both dramas has been riddled with its fair share of obstacles, Kim So Eun expressed that she herself doesn’t have any exclusive desire to get married in a recent interview featured on Sports Khan

The 22 year old actress says that after being in 2 “marriages” in these dramas, the idea of marriage isn’t too desirable at the moment for her.

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Here comes the bride…

Kim So Eun’s Second Wedding in Drama Land for A Thousand Kisses. She looks as pretty, if not more, as in her first drama.

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“Tinkerbell” Kim So Eun

Before you get your hopes up, Kim So Eun isn’t portraying the Korean “Tinkerbell” in a drama, though my writer mind did conjure up how divine the possibility of it would be in a drama alternative retelling of Peter Pan with a certain someone as Peter Pan…I can already hear some of the Kim Bum fans picturing him in green tights.

Anyways getting back to topic, here are some pictures of Kim So Eun posing in her wedding dress for her latest Drama A Thousand Kisses and she does look like a cute little fairy or pixie…

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Kim So Eun’s Stills from A Thousand Kisses

Kim So Eun plays the second lead Woo Joo Mi who falls in love Ryu Jin’s character Jang Woo Jin. The drama is scheduled to air on August 20th, 2011 on MBC.

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Kim So Eun cast in new romantic drama, ‘A Thousand Kisses’

Kim So Eun is working with older actors again:

Kim So Eun has been cast as the female lead for the new MBC drama, ‘A Thousand Kisses‘.

‘A Thousand Kisses’ is about two sisters who lead hard, but happy lives after their mother leaves home. Kim So Eun will play the younger sister, ‘Woo Joo Mi’, a bright character who never loses her optimism even in a harsh environment. She falls in love with a gentle guy named ‘Jang Woo Jin’, played by actor Ryu Jin.

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