As we know, Bumsso have many things in common, such as their likes and film history. Most of these things are accidental, which further shows how good they are for one another. Here’s a compilation of the similarities:

  • Bummie and Eunnie both attend Chung-Ang University, and have classes together.
  • Bummie’s idol is Jo In Sung, and Eunnie’s idol is Ha Ji Won. Jo In Sung and Ha Ji Won starred in the melodrama “What Happened in Bali”, which garnered high ratings.
  • Bummie played the role of a lovable son in “Outrageous Women”, whereas Eunnie played the role of a lovable daughter in “The Show Must Go On”
  • In “Gosa – Bloody Midterms”, Bummie was stabbed in the back by a psycho classmate, and in “Someone Behind You”, Eunnie was stabbed in the back by her psycho sister.
  • Bummie played a student in “Gosa”, unraveling the murder case in the movie. Eunnie filmed* “Fourth Period Murder Mystery”, acting as a detective to find the solve the murder mysteries.
  • Bummie was casted in the movie “71” with Seung Ri and Yoo Seung Ho, but later had to drop due to scheduling conflicts with the drama “Dream”. Eunnie was casted* for the movie “Fourth Period Murder Mystery” with Yoo Seung Ho, but had to drop due to scheduling conflicts with the drama “The Man Who Can’t Get Married”. Both “71” and “Fourth Period Murder Mystery” had a common actor – Yoo Seung Ho.
  • Bummie acted as the youth version of Song Seung Heon in “East of Eden”, and Eunnie acted as the youth version of Chae Si Ra in “Empress Chun Chu”. Both roles had many emotional scenes, showcasing their acting abilities.
  • Bummie is the model for cosmetic product “It’s Skin”, and Eunnie is the model (along with Yoona) for “Clean & Clear”.
  • Bummie was the model for Maxim Coffee, Eunnie was the model for Pocari Sweat (both beverages, although Pocari Sweat is an energy drink, but both contains caffeine right?)
  • In both of Bummie and Eunnie’s new dramas: Dream & Man Who Can’t Get Married, they are the 2nd male/female role, and they both work with their seniors: Joo Jin Mo &  Ji Jin Hee respectively. And they both have a character pining for them Hong Ah Reum & Yoo Ah In respectively (Now I notice even the other actor’s names have something in common: JIN and AH).
  • Both Bummie and Eunnie had a spread in the magazine High Cut.

* Note: Because the director was changed in FPMM, the new director wanted to refilm the entire movie when So Eun had already filmed 80% of the movie already. Since she was too busy with her drama “The Man Who Can’t Get Married”, she dropped the movie deal. Therefore she was casted (and dropped) and filmed (but will be cut out).

Interview themed Bumsso trivia:

  • Eunnie mentioned in Boys Over Flowers behind the scenes that she hopes her future boyfriend will look at her only. Bummie mentioned in a recent magazine article that once he has a girlfriend, he will look at no one else but her.
  • Bummie said in another magazine that when he’s not working, he hopes to be with someone who can make him smile and bring him happiness. In the Bonjuk interview, Bummie mentioned that Eunnie was someone who always greeted others with a smile, and seems to be able to give others energy (make them happy).
  • During the SectionTV interview, whenever Ga Eul-yang’s name was mentioned, Bummie’s expression changed, and sometimes seemed like he was fantasizing. He claimed his ideal type was someone who was younger than him, which was different from his old answer of liking petite and older women (this was a long time ago).
  • It seems like Bummie’s expression changes a lot when Eunnie’s name is mentioned, because during the F4 Talk Special his smile was a little different when the hosts talked about Eunnie. He even knows the titles of all of Eunnie’s works.
  • During a Boys Over Flowers signing session, the host asked Bummie who left him the deepest impression, and he said it was Ga Eul-yang, and thanked everyone for naming them the Soeul couple on behalf of him and Ga Eul-yang.
  • During a concert, the host asked how he felt when he was dumped by previous girlfriends. He said he was too busy taking care of Ga Eul-yang to think about that.
  • During an interview, Gu Hye Sun was asked to choose her favorites out of F4. She didn’t pick Yi Jeong or Woo Bin, but Bummie said it was fine because he already had Ga Eul-yang.
  • During the interview at New Caledonia (the video is on tudou, I’ll fetch it soon), Minho asked Bummie “You have a scene with So Eun tomorrow, do you want to get familiarized with her?” Then Bummie took over the script book, and very shyly requested for the interview to stop.
  • Bummie mentioned that he was very glad to have worked with many female actresses such as Kim So Eun, Park Shin Hye, Go Ara… but he mentioned So Eun first, and the rest were in order. It appears So Eun made more of an impression on him, and his fellow co-star Nam Gyuri in Gosa wasn’t even mentioned.
  • During a Japan interview, Bummie said that if he got the chance he would still play the Yi Jeong character, because if he didn’t, then he would have to watch Ga Eul-yang get paired up with someone else. When asked what his ideal type was he answered: someone who is younger than him, has long natural hair, no glasses, has double eyelids, doesn’t color her nails, someone he can exercise with, and who likes to wear jeans. When asked if he would choose between love or friendship, he would choose love.

They should stop beating around the bush and look at each other already, if they haven’t already.

His ideal type sounds awfully familiar doesn’t it? And Eunnie skied for 10 years (which fits with the exercise thing).

Eunnie has said that Ga Eul has become a second name/nickname to her, so it makes you wonder whether Bummie is talking about Ga Eul-yang the character, or Eunnie.

We don’t know whether Bummie knew about Eunnie’s works beforehand because she’s a great actress, or he researched because of her, but the latter one makes more sense since he wouldn’t just research about a random actress he never met right?

And since Bummie would choose love over friendship, if he likes his fellow friend, he would do something about it right?

Cyworld Romance:

It’s not the first time the couple had similar cyworlds or had hidden messages to one another, and although they had kept their cyworlds differently for a while, they just couldn’t keep it up anymore.

Bummie’s pictures for High Cut were released a few days ago, and one of the headlines for his pictures was “I’m a dreamer”. Then today, So Eun changed her Cyworld background, with the same message.


dreamer dreamer2

  • During the ‘Boys Over Flowers’ shooting in New Caledonia, Bummie and Eunnie both put up pictures of themselves on their Cyworlds. It was evident that they took some of the pictures of each other, and some of the pictures had a “coupling” quality (I will dig them up… just be patient please).
  • Eunnie’s cyworld has a red star at the top, and Bummie changed his background with a red star and the line “never give up”. In the storyboard of Bummie’s cyworld it says “The moment when you want to give up from failure”, and there is a pair of shoes with red stars on them. Then if you drag away all the little “gifts” in Bummie’s ‘diary’ page, you will find a red star (I believe those “gifts” were given by others, so it could be from Eunnie).
  • When Bummie went to New York for vacation, Eunnie changed her cyworld with the line “have fun in New York”. After Bummie came back, Eunnie removed the line from her cyworld. Then she changed to a pink theme with roses, and the flower language for roses is “First love – I love your radiant smile”, with the words “remember” in the background.
  • Bummie and Eunnie changed their cyworlds to black/white themes that matched very well (The Korean in Bummie’s cyworld says “I want to shout out to the world. I will never give up”).
  • After the “I’m a dreamer” Cyworld change, Eunnie changed her cyworld within a week (paranoid/trying to hide?) to a theme full of Camellia flowers. The flower language for Camellia is: “Admiration; perfection; good luck gift to a man; loveliness”, for pink camellia it’s: “longing for you”, and for red camellia it’s: “you’re a flame in my heart” (the color of the flowers is a mix of pink and red). If you think about it, Bummie’s dream premiere is tomorrow, therefore Eunnie is sending him a ‘good luck gift to a man’. All the other meanings fit well too, since the management claimed “they haven’t had time to meet each other lately”, therefore they could be missing each other. And we already know they’re flames in each other’s heart, with all the coincidences and secret intimacies.

If you want to stalk their cyworlds:


I don’t have the screenshots of the earlier cyworld updates, but if you do, please email them to me! I hope this eased some of your withdrawals.