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What is Simply Love?

Simply Love is the to go place for all things dedicated to Kim Bum, Kim So Eun, and their coupling on Boys Over Flowers dubbed “Soeulmates”. The main site moved from the Bumsso blog, and it also features a fanfiction archive as well.

What does Bumsso mean?

So Eun’s nickname is 쏘 (sso), and Korean netizens have coined the name “Bumsso couple” (you probably know how they like to smush one letter from each person’s first name and put them together as a way of calling them). They’re no longer soeulmates because Boys Over Flowers had ended, but (if the rumors are true) they are soulmates and lovers now, and hopefully forever.

What is the purpose of the blog?

This blog was made to bring the fastest updates on Kim Bum and Kim So Eun, as well as their interactions together. Even though their management companies denied their relationship, it won’t be the first time the companies denied to keep the client’s image. There may be some delusional comments on the articles, so please take with a light heart, and it’s there purely for entertainment reasons and curing withdrawals.

Who are the site owners?

Username: Supermar/Heroine.Mei
Also Known As: Mar
Position: CEO, CIO

An avid Soeul/Bumsso fan, she fell in love with Boys Over Flowers for the Soeul storyline only. Now that she has started collecting information on the couple, it seems like their secret intimacies are better than people have seen on screen. She hopes to use her competitiveness to keep all the users updated.

She has wanted to start this blog a long time ago, but there were similar blogs so she decided against it. However she realized none of the blogs pointed out the secrets and rumors, so she remade the blog under a new name.

Username: Muddy
Also known as: M.I.A
Position: CAO, CCO

She is one of the biggest Kim Joon fans out there, and has an enormous love for soeulmates. She is crazily good at video editing, and produced many soeulmate video greatest hits. Despite not knowing any Korean or Chinese, it doesn’t stop her from finding the latest on various Chinese and Korean boards (now that is talent!).

She is Mar’s ultimate creeping partner in crime.


Username: autuymnrain
Also known as: Kath
Position: CMO, COO

She’s been on board the Soeul Fleet since it was established in 2009. Watch out though, she truly does guard the ship, and if she feels threatened, there can be war! That is, unless Muddy and Mar hold her back. But all that aside, she really truly loves the fandom and the dedication from all the individuals who help keep the community alive. Yep, she was heartbroken when the fictions got attacked, so now that’s probably why she haunts fanfiction section with her iron feet! She is Mar’s terrible, “Oh-I-totally-just-broke-that-didn’t-I?” person.

Username: Ninja Kil
Also Known As: Kilaalaa

She is amazingly talented in Korean and always brings great translations to the blog. She is very speedy (like a ninja!), and always finds the most interesting articles and interviews. She loves Bummie, no matter what type of weird style he is sporting.

She is also Mar’s ultimate kiasu partner in crime.

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