Kim So Eun has been married twice, in her dramas, first with Jin Yi Han in A Good Day for the Wind to Blow & second with Ryu Jin from her current drama A Thousand Kisses. Since her marriage in both dramas has been riddled with its fair share of obstacles, Kim So Eun expressed that she herself doesn’t have any exclusive desire to get married in a recent interview featured on Sports Khan

The 22 year old actress says that after being in 2 “marriages” in these dramas, the idea of marriage isn’t too desirable at the moment for her.

“When I was younger, I used to think about how life would be like if I got married, living in a beautiful house with my husband and child. But after being married twice in two dramas, I have stopped thinking about that. It seems like marriage is a lot more difficult in real life. Difficult relationships with your extended family, diamond ring, and wedding goods like crocodile bag, mink coat etc, are small little things that can slowly eat away at a couple’s relationship. My mother also told me not to get married, and continue living with her.” (laughs)

In A Thousand Kisses, Kim So Eun takes on the role of Woo Joo Mi, a bright and cheerful magazine reporter. An aegyo queen, Woo Joo Mi is someone who will send comic selcas to Jang Woo Jin (Ryu Jin) to make him smile, and “flying hearts” to her father-in-law (Lee Soon Jae) telling him, “Abeo-nim, I love you”. However, Kim So Eun tells us that “I’m someone who doesn’t have any aegyo. I feel embarrassed when I have to act with aegyo, but luckily when the cameras start rolling, the aegyo comes out naturally. My mother tells me that when she watches my dramas, she wonders if that is really her daughter, and that my acting skills are really good. It seems like she’s praising me but not really praising me either!” (laughs)

Kim So Eun debuted in her third year of middle school through a chocopie CF, and gained popularity after appearing in 2009 drama, “Boys Over Flowers”. She then later appeared in Empress Chunchu and The Man Who Can’t Marry. Kim So Eun says, “I first started off playing a high school student, but slowly started acting in older roles. I feel like my understanding of acting has improved, and that my thinking has also become deeper and more mature.

“The good thing about acting ‘kind’ characters is that its also good for my image as a celebrity. I don’t think I’m typecasting myself by acting in so many ‘kind’ roles. I think of it as building myself up right now, and in the future I can always gradually show the different sides to me, isn’t it? I’m quite confident of taking on bad/evil characters, and even action roles are okay too.”

Kim So Eun enrolled in Chung-Ang University in 2008, but took leave of absence for 2 years because of filming commitments, and only returned to school this year. Although she still has to go for drama shootings, she also spends time going to school festivals just like any university student. She tells us that although she has only been able to attend school for one semester, that she has received a lot from that short time at school.

“Honestly, it is a little difficult for me to find things in common with other people my age. My friends study, while I work. But going to school gives me a middle-ground to relate to them. Also, it gives me an opportunity to make up to friends who I’ve neglected in the past, and rebuild my social network.”

In A Thousand Kisses, Kim So Eun’s Woo Joo Mi and Jang Woo Jin are currently enjoying their newlywed life, but this looks set to changes as her mother-in-law discovers the truth of Woo Joo Mi’s birth secret. Kim So Eun says, “I think Woo Joo Mi will have to cry a lot in the future. The story might be complicated, but I think its going to be interesting too. There are going to be spectacular scenes, so please look forward to the drama.”

Credit Source: Sports Khan