Messages of Support & Love to the Philippines and Vietnam!

This is posted  on our fanfic section but I’m posting this here as well.

Hello Soeulmates, if you’re still here, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We’ve been through some rough waters together as a fandom, and it takes so much patience and support from everyone of you here for still being a part of the family, standing together. There has been a lot of issues with the site, so thank you for bearing with us and being patient as we work through all the chaos. Secondly, we know the news of KB and MGY has been extremely devastating to the fanbase, and absolutely hope you revel though in the fact that if anything, you have friends and family here that you’ve made for life, and we’re always going to be there to support one another through thick and thin.


Finally, the most heartbreaking thing to damage our Soeul family is Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda that has hit one of the places where many of our beloved family here reside: The Philippines and Vietnam. So as a family, we want to encourage everyone to take a picture of your message of support to those affected by this tragedy! Please send your message to Mary, aka Hosterio at who has graciously offered her time to help put this all together for the family by Saturday, November 16, 2013! So, we hope to see your messages soon!




Simply Love Family


P.S. Sorry for the lack of news in months. A lot has happened since then and we have been a little busy. Hopefully we can get back to the updates. Despite the recent news the hope is to continue to update this site of news.