Kim So Eun Goes Sexy for L’Officiel Hommes

Kim So Eun L'Officiel Hommes

Kim So Eun recently did a pictorial with L’Officiel Hommes, where she revealed some of her thoughts and feelings. 

The interviewer remarked that Kim So Eun looked very sexy today, and she replied that she felt more mature because of the strong makeup. She usually portrays a lively or cute image, and therefore she wanted to shoot a pictorial where she appeared more mature and sexy.

Kim So Eun said that she is pretty good at cooking common dishes, and listed a few dishes she knew how to make, which all happened to be side dishes.

As for marriage, So Eun wants to get married around age 30, but she still wants to act, and would like to act for the rest of her life, especially appear in more movies.

Lastly, So Eun would like to travel, and hopes to go to the Dokdo (Liancourt Rocks) next.

Check out more of the sexy shoot below.

Kim So Eun L'Officiel Hommes Kim So Eun L'Officiel Hommes


Source: Nate