Secret Angel Episode 1 – 5 Recap


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Han Si Yeong is a professional photographer who works with his assistant/manager/friend Lim Yubin who has more than friendly feelings for Si Yeong. Si Yeong wraps up another photo shoot takes a breather. Yubin asks him if he’s fine and Si Yeong just shrugs that he’s tired. He disregards a model’s invitation to buy him dinner, and heads off.

Somewhere in the heavens Angel L makes another late entry only to be scolded by her superior to not repeat it again, and also to return to heaven when her task on Earth is completed rather than hanging around. L promises that she will do as asked and barely contains her excitement when she’s given an assignment on Earth.

The assignment is to fulfill the wishes of the the people who have died in an accident. Angel L is in charge of the food delivery person.  The angels are warned to make sure that everything is completed properly as there have been complaints and it is very important to complete the wishes of a dying soul.

Back on Earth Si Yeong visits his sister’s memorial site, as he is plagued by the guilt of causing the accident that had his sister killed. He feels that he’s the one who should have died in the car accident and not his sister Ji Soo. His father also visits since it is the anniversary of his sister’s death and is surprised to see Si Yeong. Unfortunately neither Si Yeong nor his father are on good terms, and Si Yeong wants nothing to do with his father’s company or wealth.

Si Yeong driving back upset is depressed and thinking back to the accident feels suicidal and purposely crashes his car into the accident that’s already happened.

Angel L along with the other angels come to fulfill the wishes for the dead, and Angel L runs into Si Yeong who calls out for Ji Soo. Angel L doesn’t know how to help him since she’s not in charge of him, and put her necklace around him as protection which keeps him alive. She leaves just before the Angel of Death, Hwan gets there, who wonders why Si Yeong is still alive.

Unfortunately Angel L’s seemingly harmless action wasn’t so harmless, as it has enraged the Angel of Death. The archangel tries to explain to Angel L that now the Angel of Death is angry and will try to get back at them. She tells L that she will have to go to Earth and protect Si Yeong for the next hundred days as it is crucial. The problem is the more time L spends on Earth the more human she becomes and eventually will lose all her powers.

Hwan has been given same instructions only his is to ensure Si Yeong’s death within 100 days or he will be destroyed.

On Earth, Si Yeong is out drinking with his friend who tell Si Yeong he’s lucky to be alive as someone must be watching over him. Si Yeong shrugs it off. His friend Dong Hyeon  asks him about Yubin but Si Yeong says they are only friends, and gets upset when his friend tries to suggest something otherwise. They both head their own way and Si Yeong drunk makes his way home.

He tries to take a leak by the side of the street and spots a light across a sky which he thinks is a shooting star and makes a wish that next time when someone is trying to die they should allow him to die. He goes back to do his business but it’s no shooting star but Angel L who comes crashing down on him.

When he gains consciousness he is surprised to see L but a lady passing by sees Si Yeong and thinks he’s trying to take advantage of L and they end up at the police station where the lady accuses Si Yeong of trying to rape L. L says she knows Si Yeong much to his surprise and vouches that he wasn’t doing anything wrong. Si Yeong’s friend who is also present tells the police that it is a misunderstanding and asks permission to leave.

Much to Si Yeong’s confusion L follows him and says that she wants to go with him. Even after Si Yeong’s insistence L says she has no home and wants to stay by his side. To prevent further misunderstandings, Si Yeong’s friend advices to let L come with him.

At home Si Yeong wonders if L has amnesia and asks if there is any place she can call since it’s late. He then asks her name to which she tells him Ji Soo remembering the name of the girl he took during his accident. Si Yeong is surprised.

Yubin isn’t happy to let L stay with Si Yeong, but Si Yeong says it’s fine. L on the other hand explores the computer and internet and finds pretty clothes when Hwan arrives causing a darkness to fall over Si Yeong’s room. Hwan muses from afar that L looks pretty dumb and his task won’t be hard, even though she does move pretty quickly and seems to be already guarding Si Yeong closely.

Si Yeong is still confused by L’s presence and questions who she is that she’s not worried about spending a night at a stranger’s house.

Hwan tries to cause trouble indirectly by approaching Yubin’s father who works under Si Yeong’s father. While Si Yeong’s father is the Chairman of the company, Yubin’s father, Je Cheol has been swindling money under the Chairman’s nose. Hwan calls him to make a deal with him and Je Cheol isn’t sure why Hwan is approaching him. Hwan leaves his card in case Je Cheol changes his mind about doing business with him.

L complains about the food and says she wants to eat a lot of things from Earth and the breakfast Si Yeong made doesn’t look appetizing at all. Si Yeong asks her where she’s from and she ponders if it’s okay to tell him and then announces that she’s an Angel down here to protect him. She tells him that the necklace she gave him ties him to her. Si Yeong says he’ll just remove it but L scolds himt hat he should always keep the necklace with him as it alerts her to when he’s in trouble. Si Yeong doesn’t believe L but humors her. She asks for clothes and to be taken to an amusement park.

Si Yeong isn’t willing but relents and has fun himself spending time with L. Unfortunately it makes him forget all about the photo shoot he had and he rushes back to work when Yubin calls him. Yubin isn’t happy to know that Si Yeong is late because of L. Si Yeong disregards her complaints and apologizes the designer and starts shooting. The designer recognizes L and L recognizes him as well as a fallen angel.

She calls him uncle and he scolds her that he doesn’t look like an uncle to which she questions if he’s an Aunt instead. The designer scolds her again and asks her what she’s doing on Earth and L explains to him that she’s here to protect Si Yeong. He tells her to be careful of Yubin but L being naive on the matters of the heart doesn’t understand why Yubin would view her as a threat and doesn’t understand why Yubin would be jealous of her. The fallen angel is surprised by how clueless L is and tells her to google it.

After the photo shoot is done, Yubin says she will take L with her instead rather than her going with Si Yeong. L protests but Si Yeong agrees and Yubin takes L with her even though she doesn’t want to leave Si Yeong’s side.

At Yubin’s place L worries if it’s okay to leave Si Yeong alone. Hwan seeing his chance makes an attack by driving out all of Si Yeong’s bad memories to make him contemplate suicide again. L senses danger and runs out to find Si Yeong even though Yubin protests. L doesn’t know the direction to Si Yeong and tries to sense her way back, whereas Hwan tries to double his attack against Si Yeong.

He’s interrupted by L who finds her way back and frantically calls out to Si Yeong. Hwan disappears and Si Yeong is roused from his what he believes to be just a bad dream and opens the door. L wraps herself around Si Yeong with worry and tells him that he shouldn’t contemplate suicide and that he needs to move away from the sorrow of his past and embrace his future instead. Si Yeong is confused and asks her what she’s doing back. He asks her if she’s okay as she feels cold.

L sneezes in response and Si Yeong asks her if he’s the one who should be worried about her and not the other way round. Hwan watching from afar finds L amusing and smiles to himself then catches himself smiling wondering what’s he got to smile about. He says this time L stopped him but next time she won’t be able to.

Je Cheol lands into trouble as the Chairman finds out the truth about his underhanded dealings in the company. Yubin overhears her father and isn’t happy. She confronts him as it might indirectly hurt Si Yeong but he tells her that he’s done whatever he’s done for his family and she should be grateful instead.

The Chairman is disappointed that the friend he thought he had by his side wasn’t who he thought he was. Je Cheol looks at Hwan’s card and thinks of the offer Hwan made to him.

Si Yeong is on another photo shoot and L has tagged along as well. Yubin tries to get another model as the original model cancelled. The designer wants the wearer of the dress to convey the personality of an Angel and then thinks of L and tells Si Yeong to shoot with L.

L looks pretty in the dress and asks Si Yeong if she’s looking pretty. Si Yeong nods and takes the pictures as L tries to mimic the male model. The designer wants Si Yeong to shoot more close shots since it has a wedding/couple theme. Si Yeong isn’t too keen on having the model interact with L in a personal level and shows his jealousy. The designer is amused but Yubin isn’t.

When the photo shoot is over, L wanders off and Si Yeong goes looking for her even though Yubin tells him not to bother as they have ot get back to the studio and prepare the shots.

L pulls off her heels complaining that even though they are pretty, they are painful. She walks bare feet, wandering lost and hurts her feet. Si Yeong continues to look for her and when he finds her rushes to her side and scolds her for wandering off then apologizes. He notices that L is hurt and piggy back’s her on the way back.

As he tends to L’s wound, he is interrupted by the parcel delivery all made on his credit card by none other than L. L tells him not to worry as it’s all discounted and Si Yeong just shakes his head.

The Chairman confronts Je Cheol and Je Cheol tells the Chairman that the only reason the company is doing well is because of him. The Chairman whose health is already on a downturn suffers a heart attack but Je Cheol instead of helping propagates it by offering him the wrong medicine, which kills the Chairman. Hwan is present as the scene and asks Je Cheol if he regrets his actions now.

L is trying to cook and injures herself. Si Yeong tends to her wound and L is moved by his concern over her well being. Si Yeong then receives a phone call that informs him of his father’s death and he along with L rush to the hospital. Si Yeong breaks down as L spots a black feather in the Chairman’s hand knowing that it is Hwan’s doing. She rushes out of the room and goes to the rooftop to look for Hwan she calls him out.

Hwan is waiting n the rooftop for her and L confronts him about killing the Chairman, the only family Si Yeong had. She asks him why he had to attack an innocent person and tells him that she will never forgive him even if he’s the Angel of Death. She attacks him but Hwan stops her and tells her not to be stupid. He tells her that he only sped up the process that was meant to happen anyway but even without him it would have ended this way. He grabs her hand to stop her attacks and tells her to stop before she gets hurt then leaves, even though L tells him to come back and face her.

L goes back to comfort Si Yeong who is still by the bedside even though they’ve taken the body away. He tells L to leave but L says she has nowhere to go. She says that she only has him and she will always be by his side and he will always have her. Yubin watches as L and Si Yeong and is hurt. Hwan who sees the whole thing is amused as things seem to get more interesting by the minute.

Yubin confronts her father the next day and asks him if he had a hand in the Chairman’s death, she tells her father that she wants to marry Si Yeong and that she wants L away from Si Yeong.

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