Secret Angel Episode 1

Secret Angel Episode 1 aired today, March 21st. Each episode seems to be about 13-15 minutes and it will run for ten episodes with one episode airing each week, till May 23rd, 2012

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Episode 1 with English Subtitles

Secret Angel Episode 1

Kim So Eun as Angel L makes a late, and ungraceful entrance

L feels apologetic on being reprimanded

Yet eager to prove herself and take on the next assignment

Excited about her new assignment, placed in charge of the accident victim riding his bike

Angel L in flight crashes into Hwan, who is the “dark angel”, yet manages to still keep her bearings

L helps the accident victim who doesn’t seem to realize he’s dead

Just as she’s about to leave she notices Han Si Yeong who is murmuring something

She can’t seem to leave him alone, and meaning well puts her necklace around his neck

Having taken care of that problem and proud of herself Angel L leaves

Unfortunately her well intentions don’t seem to bode well for the Hwan who comes for Han Si Yeong and checks to see if he’s still breathing. Even with the best of intentions L seems to be already creating problems.

The above are just my interpretations of what happens in Episode 1. L from the start is shown as a klutzy, but over-eager Angel who seems to stir trouble with her best intentions. Some of the other angels don’t seem to like her as well, going by their expressions.

Han Si Yeong (I almost typed Yi Jeong) played by Chen Xiang seems to be carrying guilt from his girlfriend’s accident which he’s partly responsible for because he distracted her by taking her pictures.

Nothing is known about Hwan (played by Jang Woo Hyuk), besides his black wings compared to L’s white.

If I find a website the provides recaps or subs will post those here.

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