Kim Bum’s Miracle

Someone wasn’t listening properly because this is not the miracle we were hoping for, but happy for Kim Bum’s next project. Kim Bum will be starring with Kim Kang Woo for his next project, in the fantasy, thriller titled Miracle.

Kim Bum goes from angel to youth delinquent (or suspected criminal), starring as a *teenage graffiti artist,who is mysteriously connected to kidnap victims and the cases that are being investigated, by a detective, played by Kim Kang Woo.

Kim Bum has already begun filming for Miracle beginning March 15th. Soon after Kim Bum returned from his travels  Thailand and Japan, he shot for High Kick 3 making a cameo appearance in Episode 108 (I’m working on a subbed video so will upload that soon as possible), and has kept busy since the end of Padam Padam.

Here’s a look at a shot from the sets that surfaced on Kim Bum’s DC Gallery:

*Edit: Kim Bum will play a mysterious character named, “June” (As posted on his official facebook)

I’m glad that Kim Bum is exploring different roles, and not allowing himself to be typecast into a certain type of character.

As more pictures and news comes out I will continue to post in the meantime, here are some more random Kim Bum pictures to enjoy:

Source Credit: Kim Bum DC Gallery