Secret Angel Trailer & Character Descriptions

The first look of Secret Angel has been released on

Here’s the first look at the klutzy angel “L” played by Kim So Eun


From the looks of the trailer it looks like it will be mostly in Korean with Chinese Subtitles. The show will premiere on March 21st with 10 episodes, one airing each week.

Sohu Secret Angel Website also released character bios for the show

Representative color: Pink

Occupation: Angel

Born with a contagious joyful manner, meeting her will lift your spirits and make you feel that life is wonderful. She loves being coquettish, loves smiling and has a frank and kind personality. She cries when she is upset and laughs when she is happy. Her charm is that she natural.

When faced with a lover like this, besides gazing at her beauty, you’ll want to accept all her care and concern, and remember to take care of yourself. Even though her good intentions might inconvenience you as her clumsiness can cause chaos, you won’t be able to reject her cute puppy like looks. If you don’t know how to approach her the best way is to just smile.

Representative color: Black

Occupation: Death God

Even in the hustle and bustle of a big city there are some dark corners where the sun doesn’t shine. Like a black darkness, with a cold calmness, it is his duty to bring mortals to hell. However, he is not emotionless, even though he doesn’t show it. Once his icy cold heart burns, it will burn hotter than magma.

With this kind of lover, it is important to remember not to be fooled by appearances. Let your heart reach out to him, be patient and understanding. You have to understand the burden he carries, and determine if you have the courage to be with him. Once you set your heart on it, do not regret it. Quietly place your trust in him, support him and follow him forever.

Representative color: blue

Occupation: Human

He is indifferent, silent, always with a hint of sadness in his eyes. He might feel like a lonely, melancholic lover. This is due to him living in his own world because of his sensitivity to different matters. If you meet someone like this do not take his sensitivity as an act, instead try to get closer to him and understand his perspective, and it will help you see the world in a different light. You’ll have to really enter his heart and infect him with your cheeriness, to free him from all his worries.

Translation thanks to Lesley