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Kim Bum Cast in Tsui Hark’s Next Movie Prequel to Detective Dee

Kim Bum has finished shooting for Miracle and has already moved on to his next Movie project, this time as a lead character in renowned director Tsui Hark’s next action thriller film, tentatively titled as Detective Dee Prequel.  He has already begun preparing for the project in China, commenting that he is a “big fan of Director Tsui Hark’s action movies” and is excited to be given the opportunity to work with him.

Tsui Hark is well known for his action films and it will be interesting to see Kim Bum working in an all out action film. The original Detective Dee that was released in 2010 starred Andy Lau as the detective, and boasted great action sequences.

EDIT: Kim Bum doesn’t actually play Detective Dee but one of the main characters. Sorry for the confusion.

Source: Kim Bum Facebook

Kim So Eun & Choi Min Soo – Looking like Real Father & Daughter

The latest picture of Kim So Eun with her “reel” family from Happy Ending is with Choi Min Soo who plays her father in Happy Ending. This was released by the fantagio group and has attracted many viewers who feel that Kim So Eun and Choi Min Soo look like real father and daughter in the picture.

Source: Fantagio Facebook


Kim Bum in Men’s Uno – Scans & Official Pictures

The Men’s Uno June Edition is out so here is the magazine scans and official pictures released on Kim Bum’s Facebook.

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Kim Bum Films an Advertisement in China

Currently Kim Bum shared pictures from his arrival into China and shooting commercial in China on his Weibo account, thanking his fans for the warm welcome.

Between his movie filming, and working on his Japanese album he sure keeps busy

Source: Kim Bum Facebook & Weibo

Would you like to film a drama with Kim Bum?

I personally don’t want to, but I’d love someone else *cough*Kim So Eun *cough* to film a drama with Kim Bum…

Anyways Kim Bum’s official facebook page is hosting Star City New Quest …so no you don’t actually get to shoot a drama physically with Kim Bum but if anyone has played Star City game on facebook you can complete a quest to contract Kim Bum and if you complete the quest between April 5th & April 12th you could win a Kim Bum Autographed Poster.

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Kim Bum in Thailand – Part 1

Here are some more pictures of Kim Bum in Thailand. The first part anyways…since there were a lot of pictures that turned up. I tried to stick to the official ones and mainly ones by himself as there were pictures with him and individual fans and after a while I just got tired of picture stealing…

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Kim Bum Visits Japan & Thailand

So since I’m still playing catch up on news, we all know what Kim So Eun is up to and doing so it’s only fair that I post some updates on her Bumsso’s significant other…or the other half that makes up the Bumsso Couple — Kim Bum

After completion of Padam Padam he has been very busy, and this is old news since he’s already back from his visits and has already begun shootingMiracle, with Kim Kang Woo, but more on that later.

First on the list of Kim Bum updates is his visits to Japan and Thailand where he was met with a lot of fans (and I mean lot…of screaming fans) which only attests to his hallyu star status.

Kim Bum in Japan

Kim Bum in Thailand

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Kim So Eun is now on Facebook

Finally! A real Kim So Eun Facebook page! I know this is late…teheh. Few days ago, she retracted her announcement in Twitter that she’s not on Facebook. Now we don’t need to wonder if we’re following an authentic profile.

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Kim Bum at Ringpang Donuts Autograph Signing Event

Last Friday, Kim Bum attended the Ringpang Donut Fan Signing Event in Yangjae-Dong. Apparently a lot of the news sites were present because there were many pictures taken at the event. Here are a few of the pictures

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To me Kim Bum is….

If you can complete that sentence you could win a personalized autograph from Kim Bum. The event was posted on Kim Bum’s Facebook.  Kim Bum’s Facebook Event for June will be hosted on Facebook from June 1st to June 10th. Fifteen winners will be announced on June 17th, based on how interesting and how creative the comments are.

Simple as that!

Source: Kim Bum Facebook