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Y’sb Summer Collection featuring Kim So Eun

Kim So Eun y'sb

Y’sb released it’s summer collection a while back. Here’s a look at the June 2013 Summer Collection based on the theme Glossy Paint.

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Y’sb Spring/Summer Photo Shoot BTS & Video

Kim So Eun Y'sb BTS

Source: Y’sb Naver Blog

Meet Psychic Joon

 Psychometry Kim Bum

Psychometry originally titled Miracle finally released a teaser trailer for the movie starring Kim Bum and Kim Kang Woo.

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Eichitoo Teasers & Photo Shoot BTS

Eichitoo is planning on launching the new website and collection on June 29th and has released teasers and new pictures along with an interview with Kim Bum & Ariel Lin

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More Clips and Behind The Scenes from Secret Angel

As it gets closer and closer to air date, more clips and behind the scenes pictures are being released of Secret Angel. The more I see it the more curious I am to see it and learn more about Angel L. Kim So Eun’s character appears very child like and klutzy almost reminds me Jang Seok a little (in the petulant like child sense) of here is a video clip and a few pictures featuring Kim So Eun.

Click Here to Watch

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Kim Bum in Thailand – Part 2

I shall post more pictures on the morrow but for now here are some Videos from Olé Beauty (will post more pictures from the endorsement as well) and Kim Bum’s Welcome to Thailand, along with a message for his fans in Thailand (the editor in me was itching to correct his English, which isn’t bad just needs a little tweaking).

Video Credit: TheNongole

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BTS Padam Padam: Han Ji Min’s Birthday

Padam Padam Naver Blog released a video of Han Ji Min’s Birthday.

It should start up at Kim Bum’s entry with the gift. If not he come in about 4 minutes into the video

Video Uploaded by baggatyanagi

Source: Padam Padam Naver Blog

Kim So Eun’s Stills from A Thousand Kisses

Kim So Eun plays the second lead Woo Joo Mi who falls in love Ryu Jin’s character Jang Woo Jin. The drama is scheduled to air on August 20th, 2011 on MBC.

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More “Haru” BTS photos

All pictures are from “Haru” BTS video.

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Undisclosed BOF Special

More BTS videos that were undisclosed are being released by Mnet Japan. They are sure evil keeping us waiting. But since there was a fanmeeting for BoF, I suppose they needed to do something to entice the fans.

cr: ffsaints

Since this is the first part, I believe there will be more. Oh boy. I don’t like this dragginess, but I will wait patiently if it will show Soeul parts. Not going to get my hopes up though. BoF has a history of disappointment in this category.

Pictures from the fanmeeting:

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