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Kim Bum in the October Issue of Gentleman



Kim Bum features in the October Issue of Gentleman, shedding his boy image, for the photo shoot.

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Kim So Eun in Liar Game

As most everyone know, Kim So Eun has been cast as the lead in the Korean Remake of Liar Game. Recently they released a trailer for the show which will air on Oct 20th, following Secret Hotel.


I’ve not personally watched Liar Game but have heard really good things about the show, so hopefully it will bring Kim So Eun’s career more into the spotlight as an lead actress. 

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Kim So Eun in Saimdang’s July Beauty Publication

Kim So Eun Dasom


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Prayer Ceremony on the Sets of Goddess of Fire, Jeongi

Kim Bum Kim Tae Do



The prayer ceremony for Jeongi was held this week, giving us a glimpse of Kim Bum’s new look as Kim Tae Do. Goddess of Fire, Jeongi will premiere on July 1st, 2013 on MBC.

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Kim Bum Endorses MIOGGI’s Kimchi Probiotics


MIOGGI recently launched their new health supplement Kimchi Probiotics, using a promotional fifteen minute film titled Farewell, Seoul starring Kim Bum and Ahn Ji Hyun.

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Y’sb Spring/Summer Photo Shoot BTS & Video

Kim So Eun Y'sb BTS

Source: Y’sb Naver Blog

Meet Psychic Joon

 Psychometry Kim Bum

Psychometry originally titled Miracle finally released a teaser trailer for the movie starring Kim Bum and Kim Kang Woo.

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Kim Bum poses with his co-stars from Detective Dee Prequel

Kim Bum did a photo shoot a while back with his co-stars from the movie Detective Dee: The Prequel.  I meant to post it earlier but got sidetracked.

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Kim So Eun’s new co-star, Dari

I wonder if Kim Bum would be jealous of all the love Kim So Eun has been showering on her new co-star in her new drama, The Horse Healer.

No worries, I’m just teasing. Kim So Eun’s love for her own pet cat and experience seems to show with her on-screen pet, ‘Dari’ who she has no trouble taking care of while filming. Kim So Eun plays the haughty and ambitious princess in her new show, who has a genuine love for animals.

Kim So Eun manages to look completely adorable in her traditional costume, looking very much like a real princess.

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Eichitoo Teasers & Photo Shoot BTS

Eichitoo is planning on launching the new website and collection on June 29th and has released teasers and new pictures along with an interview with Kim Bum & Ariel Lin

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