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Kim Bum & Kim Kang Woo Share an Affectionate Pose

Kim Bum and Kim Kang Woo make quite the hot couple don’t they?


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Psychometry Releases New Trailer and Poster

Kim Bum Psychometry PosterPsychometry is gearing up for it’s March 7th, 2013 release with a new trailer, and posters.

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Kim So Eun endorses Clinique

Kim So Eun has been pretty active via twitter and recently tweeted about filming a CF for Clinique

I like how she can go from pulling of a mature look at one moment to looking like a sweet girl the next. Kim So Eun stated once that she would love to work in an action role as well and I have no doubt she’d be able to pull that off as well.

Kim So Eun says Bye To Woo Joo Mi and Hello to L

…and no I don’t mean L from Death Note (that would require a drastic makeover)

Picture Source: Kim So Eun Twitter

Kim So Eun has already begun shooting for “Secret Angel” where she will portray a cute and klutzy angel named L. She will star alongside Jan Woo Hyuk in the Chinese web drama which will premiere on March 21st, on

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Kim So Eun Not on Facebook

Kim So Eun tweeted that she’s not on facebook, even though her tweets and pictures are being copied to facebook, under impersonation of being her. Kim So Eun requested via tweet for the person to “please stop impersonating” and also mentioned that in future if she did create a facebook account she would let everyone know for herself.

Source: Kim So Eun Twitter

“You & Me – A Wonderful Night at the Movies”

A wonderful date at the movies for Jung Il Woo & Kim So Eun as JIFF Ambassadors. Here are the official photos from  the photo shoot

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Kim So Eun promotes the 12th Jeonju International Film Festival

I apologize for the lack of translations, as my Korean language skills are close to zero. Here are some more updates regarding JIFF


credit: ystarchannel2

credit: nicclaudia4

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Jeonju Film Festival, you can visit their Official Website (they have a Korean version & an English Version)

They also have a Facebook Page

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It’s a new year…

Or almost two weeks old anyways…

Sorry for the delay in news…I made new year’s resolution to be a better updater…but as you can see I’m not off to a good start…

There are lot of comments regarding whether or not Kim Bum and Kim So Eun are in a new drama or not (separate mostly), and rumors circulating around…there is nothing concrete so far…or nothing that I’ve heard of anyways, so please don’t worry. It’s definitely possible that they might not do a drama together this year…

In other news as most of you already know Kim So Eun attended the KBS Drama Awards for 2010 on Dec. 31st.

She looked very pretty in her white dress (her very short white dress) and attracted a lot of attention on her fashion sense from this event and from the movie premiere she attended for the movie “Yellow”.

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Kim Bum Biking with Lee Min Ho

Both Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho tweeted pictures of themselves biking in the night.

The abandoned bike on the side, in the last picture, looks like Lee Min Ho’s.

D’maris also has a new cut-out of Kim Bum in a chef’s outfit, which I think complements Kim So Eun’s chef outfit from BonJuk.

Here’s Kim So Eun’s from BonJuk…

…they would look good together in a show like “Pasta”…and the imagination *cough*delusion*cough* takes over….

Picture Source: Kim Bum Twitter & KB Baidu