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Kim So Eun in Liar Game

As most everyone know, Kim So Eun has been cast as the lead in the Korean Remake of Liar Game. Recently they released a trailer for the show which will air on Oct 20th, following Secret Hotel.


I’ve not personally watched Liar Game but have heard really good things about the show, so hopefully it will bring Kim So Eun’s career more into the spotlight as an lead actress. 

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Kim Kang Woo & Kim Beom – Battle of Charisma on the Sets of Miracle

Recently Kim Kang Woo tweeted two pictures from the sets of Miracle. The picture shows and intense confrontation between the two actors and has the netizens talking about the “explosive chemistry” of the two actors on screen. Netizens also commented that they are “full of expectations for the movie just from two pictures”. Miracle is about a Detective played by Kim Kang Woo investigating missing children, who runs into a delinquent graffiti artist whose is mysteriously tied to the crimes. So far there’s not mention of the release date as of yet for the movie.

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First Look At Kim So Eun in Happy Ending

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Would you like to film a drama with Kim Bum?

I personally don’t want to, but I’d love someone else *cough*Kim So Eun *cough* to film a drama with Kim Bum…

Anyways Kim Bum’s official facebook page is hosting Star City New Quest …so no you don’t actually get to shoot a drama physically with Kim Bum but if anyone has played Star City game on facebook you can complete a quest to contract Kim Bum and if you complete the quest between April 5th & April 12th you could win a Kim Bum Autographed Poster.

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Secret Angel Episode 1 – 5 Recap


To watch with English Subtitles Visit The Secret Angel Channel on Viki

The channel is managed by volunteers so if you’d like to help from Chinese to English or Korean to English you can PM the manager haraa on the channel, and show your support and subscribe so that it can get subbed in a timely manner.

Han Si Yeong is a professional photographer who works with his assistant/manager/friend Lim Yubin who has more than friendly feelings for Si Yeong. Si Yeong wraps up another photo shoot takes a breather. Yubin asks him if he’s fine and Si Yeong just shrugs that he’s tired. He disregards a model’s invitation to buy him dinner, and heads off.

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Secret Angel Episode 1

Secret Angel Episode 1 aired today, March 21st. Each episode seems to be about 13-15 minutes and it will run for ten episodes with one episode airing each week, till May 23rd, 2012

Click Here to Watch Episode 1

Episode 1 with English Subtitles

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Secret Angel Official Images & Stills

Secret Angel will premiere tomorrow, March 21st on In the meantime enjoy some official pictures released by the

Secret Angel Website on Weibo & Sohu

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More Clips and Behind The Scenes from Secret Angel

As it gets closer and closer to air date, more clips and behind the scenes pictures are being released of Secret Angel. The more I see it the more curious I am to see it and learn more about Angel L. Kim So Eun’s character appears very child like and klutzy almost reminds me Jang Seok a little (in the petulant like child sense) of here is a video clip and a few pictures featuring Kim So Eun.

Click Here to Watch

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Secret Angel Trailer & Character Descriptions

The first look of Secret Angel has been released on

Here’s the first look at the klutzy angel “L” played by Kim So Eun


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Padam Padam Episode 2

Sorry this is late considering we’re already beginning the third week of Padam Padam. I’ve realized I’ve got to stop taking too many screenshots of Kim Bum but he just seems to have a myriad of emotions in the drama…completely smiling and childish one second to serious and angry in another.

Episode 2 Recap By JBarky on Soompi

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