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Kim Bum and Jo In Sung Promote That Winter, The Wind Blows in Japan

Kim Bum That Winter, The Wind Blows

Kim Bum & Jo In Sung are in Japan promoting their drama That Winter, The Wind Blows. The promotional event was held at the CC Lemon Hall in Tokyo. The drama will be airing in Japan sometime in August.

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The Goddess of Fire, Jeongi Press Conference

Kim Bum Jeongi

Kim Bum Jeongi

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That Winter, the Wind Blows Press Conference


The Press conference for upcoming drama That Winter, the Wind Blows was held on January 31st.

Jung Eun Ji does play Kim Bum’s love interest, and they do have a kiss scene together (They were both very excited about something and she jumped up and kissed him from the excitement, and afterwards both regret it – Supermar). That Winter, the Wind Blows will debut on February 13.

Here are a few of the pictures from the press conference.

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Kim So Eun at a Press Conference for Happy Ending

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Happy Ending Press Conference

The first episode of Happy Ending aired today. So far I’m not sure how long it’s supposed to air for but for those interested it is scheduled to air Mondays & Tuesdays at 8.45 pm KST (yes the same schedule as Padam Padam had). The story is about a father Ki Doo Soo (played by Choi Min Soo) trying to bring his estranged family back together in lieu of his nearing death. Kim So Eun plays one of his daughters Kim Eun Ha.

Here are the pictures from the Press Conference for Happy Ending which took place on April 20th.  (Side note: for those wondering about Kim So Eun’s hand, I believe she injured it in Shanghai when she was there for Secret Angel)

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Padam Padam Press Conference

I must be losing part of my mind with old age. These images have been sitting on my computer for a while now…and I meant to post it but forgot. Considering the drama is going to start it’s second week…I think it’s about time I posted these.

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Kim Bum resolves lawsuit with Eyagi

Our prayers seem to be answered after all. King Kong Ent and Eyagi Ent have resolved their lawsuit (Eyagi Ent dropped the accusations), both companies wanting to continue having a partner-like relationship.

Kim Bum will return to Japan on April 24th to promote Boys Over Flowers.

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“A Good Day For The Wind To Blow” Press Conference

The press conference was today, and like any press conference, the photos would not stop. I’ll post the 30 something I have now, and update in a few hours.

“Kim So Eun – Jin Lee Han, Don’t they look good together” is the title and content for many of these photo news articles. He may be a good match for her in the drama, but nobody is pretty enough for So Eun except for Bummie haha.

Video of press conference: (Sigh youtube was bad to me T-T)

More pictures:

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Kim Bum updates his Japanese blog

MBC new drama “TWWSWTGM” press conference

The director and all the actors have faith in the success of the drama.

At the press conference, Kim Bum, before stepping on to the stage, looks a little bit nervous.

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TWWSWTGM Press Conference

Just something a drama cannot do without, especially since it’s debuting next week!

More pictures…

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