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Kim Bum Ten Asia Interview

Kim Bum Ten Asia

Ten Asia just translated an interview with Kim Bum just around the end of That Winter, The Wind Blows. Kim Bum talks about his role in Padam Padam, and in That Winter, The Wind Blows. He talks about growing as an actor and wanting to do more projects that are different and challenging. You can read the interview here.

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Padam Padam Official Stills & Episode Recaps

Sorry meant to post this much much earlier, a while back, but I guess I got distracted and never got around to publishing this. I’ve compiled a list of recaps done by different websites for Padam Padam. Apparently the last two episodes never got recapped. The stills do not correspond to the episodes, some are new, some have already been posted before.

Episode 1 Recaps:  Episode 1 Recap by JBarky |Dramabeans Episode 1 Recap | Mad Dino

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Padam Padam Episode 2

Sorry this is late considering we’re already beginning the third week of Padam Padam. I’ve realized I’ve got to stop taking too many screenshots of Kim Bum but he just seems to have a myriad of emotions in the drama…completely smiling and childish one second to serious and angry in another.

Episode 2 Recap By JBarky on Soompi

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Kim Bum a fool for Jung Woo Sung

Or rather Kook Soo is a fool for Kang Chil in the drama Padam Padam.

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BTS Padam Padam: Han Ji Min’s Birthday

Padam Padam Naver Blog released a video of Han Ji Min’s Birthday.

It should start up at Kim Bum’s entry with the gift. If not he come in about 4 minutes into the video

Video Uploaded by baggatyanagi

Source: Padam Padam Naver Blog

Padam Padam Press Conference

I must be losing part of my mind with old age. These images have been sitting on my computer for a while now…and I meant to post it but forgot. Considering the drama is going to start it’s second week…I think it’s about time I posted these.

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First Look at Kim Bum As Kook Soo

Here’s the first look of Kim Bum as Kook Soo from Episode 1

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Padam Padam OST Part 1

Download Links:

살기 위해서 (To Live) – 노을 (Noel)

살기 위해서 (Instrumental)

YouTube Video:

Source: LOEN Entertainment

I like the song so even though there’s only a slight glimpse of Kim Bum, I thought I’d share anyways. I will try to post episode recaps (unless someone wants to volunteer doing it) as I get time. I don’t promise anything as I’m awful with promises.

Padam Padam is off to a good start and it got a 1.6% rating for it’s first episode which not seem like much but for cable shows it’s a pretty big deal for a show to rate 1% and above. Hopefully the ratings continue to grow and the drama does well. So far I like Kim Bum’s role in the drama. There is definitely an element of mystery surrounding his character even though he appears childish, you can tell Kook Soo is a very protective and fiercely loyal character.

Sorry for the lack of updates in general as well

Padam Padam Official Posters

The official Padam Padam posters are out. The long hair actually suits him and he definitely looks angelic in the first poster. I’m actually excited to his character in Padam Padam even though nothing much is revealed about it, besides his function as a “guardian angel”

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Kim Bum Gets His Wings

Literally…and they are the white and heavenly kind….

The trailer for Padam Padam is out and the only glimpse of Kim Bum has him dressed as an “angel” since he does play Kang-Chil’s (Jung Woo Sung) guardian angel. He does look “heavenly” 😛

Video Credit: baggatyanagi