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Kim So Eun in Liar Game

As most everyone know, Kim So Eun has been cast as the lead in the Korean Remake of Liar Game. Recently they released a trailer for the show which will air on Oct 20th, following Secret Hotel.


I’ve not personally watched Liar Game but have heard really good things about the show, so hopefully it will bring Kim So Eun’s career more into the spotlight as an lead actress. 

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Messages of Support & Love to the Philippines and Vietnam!

This is posted  on our fanfic section but I’m posting this here as well.

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Kim So Eun Goes Sexy for L’Officiel Hommes

Kim So Eun L'Officiel Hommes

Kim So Eun recently did a pictorial with L’Officiel Hommes, where she revealed some of her thoughts and feelings. 

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Kim So Eun & Kim Bum Congratulate Sports Khan on 8th Year Anniversary

Kim So Eun and Kim Bum were among the many stars that held up congratulatory messages for the news site completing 8 years

Kim So Eun Star Khan

Kim Bum Star Khan

Source: Sports Khan

Psychometry Releases New Trailer and Poster

Kim Bum Psychometry PosterPsychometry is gearing up for it’s March 7th, 2013 release with a new trailer, and posters.

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Happy Birthday Kim Bum!

Wishing Kim Bum A Happy Birthday & A Wonderful – Successful Year Ahead!

Soeulmates Fanfiction Archive

So some not so good news.

For those that do visit the Soeulmates Fanfiction Archive,you might have noticed malware issues with the site.

Here’s a note from Suzumi:

Sorry guys. Suzumi here. I figured out the source of the malware problem is with the fanfiction script I use. It’s outdated and some people find it fun to hack people’s stuff. I have final exams but I’ll see what I can do. Sorry to say, but it looks like the site will have to shut down if I can’t do anything about it.
However, I haven’t had anything hit my computer, for now please stop going to the site and please tell others to stop going until further notice.
I have exams for the next 3 weeks, so please be patient… I need to graduate.

So unfortunately the archive will be down. Hopefully not for long.

Here’s something to cheer your spirits…in the meantime…

Kim Bum in Thailand – Part 2

I shall post more pictures on the morrow but for now here are some Videos from Olé Beauty (will post more pictures from the endorsement as well) and Kim Bum’s Welcome to Thailand, along with a message for his fans in Thailand (the editor in me was itching to correct his English, which isn’t bad just needs a little tweaking).

Video Credit: TheNongole

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Kim Bum is Kim So Eun’s best Co-star

I know we all feel that way but Kim So Eun confirmed it for us in her recent interview

I’m not going to translate the  interview because I don’t know much Korean but thanks to NinjaKil who translated for me I can share with you what she said about Kim Bum.

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Additional Chuseok Pictures from A Thousand Kisses

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