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Padam Padam Official Stills & Episode Recaps

Sorry meant to post this much much earlier, a while back, but I guess I got distracted and never got around to publishing this. I’ve compiled a list of recaps done by different websites for Padam Padam. Apparently the last two episodes never got recapped. The stills do not correspond to the episodes, some are new, some have already been posted before.

Episode 1 Recaps:  Episode 1 Recap by JBarky |Dramabeans Episode 1 Recap | Mad Dino

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Secret Angel Episode 1 – 5 Recap


To watch with English Subtitles Visit The Secret Angel Channel on Viki

The channel is managed by volunteers so if you’d like to help from Chinese to English or Korean to English you can PM the manager haraa on the channel, and show your support and subscribe so that it can get subbed in a timely manner.

Han Si Yeong is a professional photographer who works with his assistant/manager/friend Lim Yubin who has more than friendly feelings for Si Yeong. Si Yeong wraps up another photo shoot takes a breather. Yubin asks him if he’s fine and Si Yeong just shrugs that he’s tired. He disregards a model’s invitation to buy him dinner, and heads off.

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Padam Padam Episode 2

Sorry this is late considering we’re already beginning the third week of Padam Padam. I’ve realized I’ve got to stop taking too many screenshots of Kim Bum but he just seems to have a myriad of emotions in the drama…completely smiling and childish one second to serious and angry in another.

Episode 2 Recap By JBarky on Soompi

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First Look at Kim Bum As Kook Soo

Here’s the first look of Kim Bum as Kook Soo from Episode 1

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A Thousand Kisses episodes 13 & 14 stills

Here are some screen captures of A Thousand Kisses episodes 13 & 14. Enjoy!

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A Thousand Kisses Episodes 11 & 12 stills

Here are some stills in A Thousand Kisses episodes 11 & 12. I only took those that include Kim So Eun.

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Some additional thoughts on Still

I was pondering if I’d make this a single post. I finally decided to post it, because I did want to share some thoughts with you guys.

I guess my tone in the Episode 1&2 review might be a little overly harsh and blunt, since so far I barely read any favorable comments towards the show at Bumsso. As I said before, my being critical doesn’t necessarily mean I didn’t enjoy the show or it’s not a decent drama. Let’s just say I was a little bit worried, about how this show actually would turn out to be, and if Kim Bum’s heroine and prompt move could lend him to another major career breakthrough. I was wary of seeing any weak spots in this show that might fail catering to the mass’s liking. However, after seeing the first two episodes, I was– even aware that this show might not be or will not be a big blockbuster– especially glad that Still, with a lot of light-hearted and emotional impact and depth, is heart-warming and honest at its best.

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Still Epi1&2 Recap (Kim Bum’s part)

(I suppose some of you guys might be interested in reading some Still’s recaps. So I rewatched and recapped the first two epis. Since I was tight in time, only did Kim Bum’s part this time. )

Kim Bum’s very first scene opens with his chatting on the phone with Na Ban-suk while walking towards his studio at school. Seemingly confident and charismatic, he advises Ban-suk on blind dating–be more attentive and gentle instead of making quirky and cheesy jokes, to show interest in art and suggest a date without making a certain schedule, to send thank-you text message and show desire to meet her parents, and moreover, not to call her or reply text message in the following days, in order to make the girl contact you first. He also suggests Ban-suk not worry about finding a girlfriend, because he states that the world has plentiful supply of women.

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TWWSWTM Epi 1&2 Review

(Disclaimer: Since I couldn’t find any English subs for this show, I watched these two episodes with Chinese subs. My Chinese reading skill isn’t that good. My understanding and interpretation upon the plot and the characters might not be 100% correct. )

Warning: slight plot spoilers

As I commented in the caps post, I didn’t expect the show would kick off with high ratings, since it’s currently competing against two strong shows (Chuno and Will it snow for X’mas). However, the ratings fluctuating in the 4-5% range absolutely isn’t something I anticipated or something I’m happy to see. Although high ratings do, sometimes, lead me to watch a show and see if it is really worth all the hype, I’m usually not the type of person who would judge a show solely based on its ratings. Because I know it’s important and necessary to consider a show on its own merits. Pretty annoyed by facing Still lagging in the ratings, I decided to check out it on my own. The reasons? Simply put, apart from Kim Bum, I’m eager to find out how this show has been underrated by the viewers. I watched the first two episodes of Still in a row last night, and felt literally…technically…kind of…unimpressed.

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Dream: Final Round

Yes, that’s right. The show is over. I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m having such a hard time letting this show go. It was a good show. It was entertaining, and now it is over. The characters were good, but it’s not as if I got to know them for eight years, like I did with “Charmed”, which was another show I had a hard time letting go. Maybe all will be revealed as I write this, my final recap of “Dream”.


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