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Kim Bum awarded “Korean Ken”

Kim Bum was awarded “Korean Ken” at the Barbie and Ken awards 2010 .

Here are some pictures from the event:

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Kim Bum at Kwak Hyun Joo Fashion Show

Kim Bum attended Kwak Hyun Joo’s fashion show that was part of the 2011 Seoul Fashion Week held on October 27th. The fashion week will continue through October 28th.

Source: Newsen

Kim Bum at 2011 S/S Seoul Fashion Week

Kim Bum was just one of the many stars that attended the fashion show on October 22nd.

Here are a few snapshots of him at the event

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Kim Bum to attend Girls Award 2010 AUTUMN/WINTER

It has been decided Kim Bum will attend Japan’s fashion show named “Girls Award 2010 AUTUMN/WINTER” on September 18th.

The link:

Girls Award has invited some Korean pop groups , including Girl Generation and 4Minute. Kim Bum is to appear at the fashion show as a special guest.

Have you found the boy, who is surrounded by beauty.  tehehe

Credit: Thanks Aya & 乐乐 for news and photo.

Kim Bum attends Andre Kim’s funeral

Kim Bum attended the funeral of Korea’s most celebrated fashion designer, Andre Kim. Andre Kim passed away on Thursday from pneumonia caused from complications of colon cancer. The funeral was held at the Seoul National University Hospital.

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Seoul Fashion Week in Elle Atzine

So where did Kim Bum sit at this Fashion Week event?

My favorite members from FTIsland! Hongki & Jaejin! Kyaaaa~! *Spazz*

Awww they all kind of look bored… Look at that cute pout from Jaejin XD Why would you separate the two T-T

Kim Bum & Kim Hyun Joong @ Seoul Fashion Week

Apparently makeup and a change of clothes make things look a lot better. Before he looked really sick and tired, but none of it showed here. Even though it was still the same event. Keep this stylist from now on?

I actually like Park Shin Hye, and wouldn’t mind if these two did a drama together. I guess she’s keeping her short hair from Minam.

Kim Bum, Kim Hyun Joong, Park Shin Hye, etc., attended the F/W Seoul Fashion Week at the SETEC.

More pics from the fashion week:

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Kim Bum attends Seoul Fashion Week


Kim Bum attended “Seoul Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010” during the afternoon on the 19th at SETEC in Seoul Daechi District.

Some of the guests included Jang Geun Seok, SS501 (Kim Kyu Jong, Heo Young Saeng), Han Eun Jeong, Park Jung Ah, Gong Hyun Ju, Lee Young Ah, etc.

Rest of the pictures:

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Kim Bum attends Seoul Fashion Week


Kim Bum attended the “Seoul Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010” on the 16th at the Daechi District at SETEC. The Fashion Week will be held from the 16th to the 23rd, and will feature works by 43 designers.

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So I guess the ISPlus article did run early… because I thought he was going to England on the 23rd.

Kim So Eun at the Gucci F/W 2009 fashion show

It seems Kim So Eun has some free time, now that ‘He Who Can’t Marry’ has finished airing, and no longer needs to film till late at night. Our favorite girl attended the Gucci Fall/Winter 2009 fashion show in Korea today.


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