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Kim So Eun in Liar Game

As most everyone know, Kim So Eun has been cast as the lead in the Korean Remake of Liar Game. Recently they released a trailer for the show which will air on Oct 20th, following Secret Hotel.


I’ve not personally watched Liar Game but have heard really good things about the show, so hopefully it will bring Kim So Eun’s career more into the spotlight as an lead actress. 

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Psychometry Releases New Trailer and Poster

Kim Bum Psychometry PosterPsychometry is gearing up for it’s March 7th, 2013 release with a new trailer, and posters.

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Meet Psychic Joon

 Psychometry Kim Bum

Psychometry originally titled Miracle finally released a teaser trailer for the movie starring Kim Bum and Kim Kang Woo.

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Secret Angel Trailer & Character Descriptions

The first look of Secret Angel has been released on

Here’s the first look at the klutzy angel “L” played by Kim So Eun


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Kim Bum Gets His Wings

Literally…and they are the white and heavenly kind….

The trailer for Padam Padam is out and the only glimpse of Kim Bum has him dressed as an “angel” since he does play Kang-Chil’s (Jung Woo Sung) guardian angel. He does look “heavenly” 😛

Video Credit: baggatyanagi

Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea

Haru was released on September 24th and all of you can watch the 30 min video on the website

The drama is short, sweet & very picturesque, showing different sides of Korea, of course it’s always a treat to watch all the good looking actors and actress in it too. Kim Bum represents the “easy & natural” side of Korea, playing a sentimental & kindhearted photographer.

You can watch the movie with English, Japanese or Chinese subtitles, and the website has a lot of interactive features, such as travel guides, screen savers, and you can also win some of the gear used by the actors by participating in the website and taking a survey.

Here’s the Behind the Scenes of Kim Bumwhich is also available to view on the website.

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“Haru” trailer and pictures

The trailer for the drama “Haru” released on Sep 10th. I really love it, which attacts me to the drama. “Haru” will air on Sep 24th.

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Bumsso has a new movie?!

Our dreams have come true! Check out the trailer for Kim Bum and Kim So Eun’s new movie together!

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A commercial for Kim Bum’s Japan fanmeeting DVD

Check out this newly released commercial for Kim Bum’s upcoming Japan Fanmeeting DVD, which is set to hit the shelves in February.

Just my two cents here:
Oh my, his Engrish?!
What the heck are “holy nighhhhh”, “fall in laaa” and “feel my harrrr”? The English is not just weirdly accented. It’s actually incorrectly pronounced. Trust me, I did try to ignore it, but it just seemed too standing out for my ears. Did I read some news saying he’s quite fluent in English? Okay, guys, I know I know…He’s not native speaker. Sorry for being a little judgmental. What I’m saying is, owning a large English-speaking fanbase, Kim bum–and his management–may need to consider hiring a private English tutor before recording the song,  perhaps someone like me, free of charge…J/K

Again, Kim Bum may want to practice his posing while singing. He seems to not know where to put his hands, seriously.

credit to the video uploader

KBS preview of “A Good Day For The Wind To Blow”

KBS just released a video preview, check it out:

Translations (Credits to Cyndi)

It’s really Seoul!
The drawing is not bad, but it’s not really matching with our company.
You are the icon of the great Korea.
Hubbby! ~ Yesh, really.
Young lady, please come down.
Not until my father recognizes me, I will not come down.
You bastard!
Can not even protect one’s own woman.
No money, and no place to go.
In the phone, had said was at the resturant, so had just went.