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Y’sb Summer July Collection featuring Kim So Eun

Kim So Eun Y'sb


Y’sb collection for July themed “Artsy Square”

Kim So Eun Y'sb Kim So Eun Y'sb Kim So Eun Y'sb

Kim So Eun Y'sb Kim So Eun Y'sb Kim So Eun Y'sb

Source: Y’sb

The Goddess of Fire, Jeongi Character Stills & Wallpaper

Jeongi Wallpaper



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Kim Bum stars in Chinese Drama ‘V Love’

Kim Bum V Love


After completing his last drama, That Winter, the Wind Blows, Kim Bum has stayed busy signing up for the 6th season of the Chinese TV Series calld “V Love’, playing opposite Chinese star Yang Mi. The drama is based in Shanghai and Kim Bum stars as a restaurateur , Oh Woo Hwi, who is strong, self confident and also a perfectionist.

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Y’sb Summer Collection featuring Kim So Eun

Kim So Eun y'sb

Y’sb released it’s summer collection a while back. Here’s a look at the June 2013 Summer Collection based on the theme Glossy Paint.

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Y’sb Spring Collection featuring Kim So Eun

KSE y'sb

Now that the summer collection is out, I guess I should post all of the spring collection up. Sorry for the delays in the updates.

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New Summer Releases from Eichitoo featuring Kim Bum & Ariel Lin

Eichitoo released some more new images for their Summer 2013 collection featuring Ariel Lin and Kim Bum

Kim Bum & Ariel Lin Eichitoo

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Psychometry Special Promotional Posters


These posters were released back in March, but I didn’t get a chance to post them. I read that Kim Bum was just recently promoting his movie in Vietnam (thanks to Michael for pointing out my typo) so I figured better late than never.

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Kim So Eun for Allure Green Campaign

Kim So Eun Allure

She definitely makes green look good!

Source: Kim So Eun Baidu


Y’sb February 2013 Collection

Y'sb February 2013.7

Yes I do realize we are in the month of April, but my fashion sense is always running late anyways…so better late than never…

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Y’sb New 2013 S/S Pictorial with Princess Sook Hwi

The beloved, tomboyish Princess Sook Hwi (Kim So Eun) gets a different kind of makeover for the Y’sb 2013 S/S Pictorial

Kim So Eun Y'sb 2013

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