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Kim Bum in Thailand – Part 2

I shall post more pictures on the morrow but for now here are some Videos from Olé Beauty (will post more pictures from the endorsement as well) and Kim Bum’s Welcome to Thailand, along with a message for his fans in Thailand (the editor in me was itching to correct his English, which isn’t bad just needs a little tweaking).

Video Credit: TheNongole

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Kim Bum @ International Film Festival

Today was the Internatinoal Film Festival in Shanghai.

Red carpet footage:

Some pictures:

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Kim Bum @ International Drama Festival

There’s a video cut of his appearance on the International Drama Festival held in Shanghai.

I stopped after hearing Kim Bum introduce himself in Chinese. Maybe that’s the extent of his speech.

There’s some photos floating around, you can check it out in the cut. I randomly selected a few. There’s not much there except Bummie standing there and looking pretty, lol.

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Kim Bum & Kim Hyun Joong @ Seoul Fashion Week

Apparently makeup and a change of clothes make things look a lot better. Before he looked really sick and tired, but none of it showed here. Even though it was still the same event. Keep this stylist from now on?

I actually like Park Shin Hye, and wouldn’t mind if these two did a drama together. I guess she’s keeping her short hair from Minam.

Kim Bum, Kim Hyun Joong, Park Shin Hye, etc., attended the F/W Seoul Fashion Week at the SETEC.

More pics from the fashion week:

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Kim Bum attends “Robbery” VIP premiere

Kim Bum attended the movie “Robbery” VIP premiere on March 16th.
Check out the video below.

He looks quite tired in the video. Poor Bummie…Hopefully he will be able to get some rest soon as Still wraps up its broadcasting.

Courtesy the video uploader

More from the Bisang shooting location

First is a video depicting the events at the shooting location (differs from the Mnet Widenews)

Then more pictures:

Mnet WideNews Intro of Bisang

credit: Ngothuyan

Just shows you some footage from the movie, and the filming location when they shot the posters. Good thing to know – Kim Bum said he didn’t really NG when he did the kiss scenes (which he previously stated was more like a peck).

Kim Bum @ Bonjuk Fan Signing Video

So I subbed the parts where Kim Bum talked and the unimportant parts were neglected. If you are really curious, the reporter basically said 200 people showed up for the event, there were a lot of women fans, basically everything that was said in the news. No mention of So Eun.

I had wanted to sub more videos, but there was a 10 second blackout (so effective =_=, but enough to make me lose half of my work) so I couldn’t do more. And youtube just doesn’t like me. this 1.5 min video took an hour to upload. Very ridiculous. I’ll work on it…

And here comes the glorious watermarks. Why? Well you can thank the people who took the videos from bumsso and watermarked it as their own and uploaded it to their own youtube. You know who you are.

Original video credit to milmil @ Kim Bum China

Kim Bum the Fighter


OMG! Look at those ABS! Bummie, you have truly made my dreams come true XD. There are a TON of pictures of Bummie doing his thing in the boxing ring. He’s looking fineeee even if he is getting his butt kicked.

Edit: 2 Videos of event (credit KB China):

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“Dream” Conference Videos and Pictures

Korean Conference:

video credit: moonyuri332000


Q: What role are you playing?

A: Hello I am Kim Bum, acting as Lee Jang Seok in the drama “Dream”. My character Lee Jang Seok is someone who ends up in a youth outh correctional facility when he takes the blame for his father and as a result, develops a complex about his father. To protect himself, he works hard at putting on a tough/strong facade, but in reality he is a very lonely person.

Q: How did F4 respond to your transformation?

A: Not long ago I met with F4 and Geum Jan Di for my birthday. I didn’t notice it, but they said that I seem to have become colder since ‘Boys Over Flowers’. I guess its somewhat good that I’m that immersed in my character, but to hear that I’ve become cold feels a little strange.

More videos and pictures for the conference after the jump.

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