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Kim Bum Ten Asia Interview

Kim Bum Ten Asia

Ten Asia just translated an interview with Kim Bum just around the end of That Winter, The Wind Blows. Kim Bum talks about his role in Padam Padam, and in That Winter, The Wind Blows. He talks about growing as an actor and wanting to do more projects that are different and challenging. You can read the interview here.

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Psychometry Special Promotional Posters


These posters were released back in March, but I didn’t get a chance to post them. I read that Kim Bum was just recently promoting his movie in Vietnam (thanks to Michael for pointing out my typo) so I figured better late than never.

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Kim Bum & Kim Kang Woo Share an Affectionate Pose

Kim Bum and Kim Kang Woo make quite the hot couple don’t they?


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Kim Bum & Kim Kang Woo’s Intense Pictorial in Elle

Kim Bum Elle

Kim Kang Woo and Kim Bum got together for an intense photo shoot in promotion of their upcoming movie Psychometry for March Issue of Elle Magazine. Psychometry is scheduled for release on March 7th, 2013

Kim Bum Elle


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Kim Bum talks about his first love and first kiss

Kim Bum "Touch"

On February 14, Kim Bum and actor Kim Kang Woo attended the “Touch Show” for upcoming movie “Psychometry”.

During the interview, Kim Bum confessed to have a first love and kiss. He remarked, “I had a first love.

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Psychometry Releases New Trailer and Poster

Kim Bum Psychometry PosterPsychometry is gearing up for it’s March 7th, 2013 release with a new trailer, and posters.

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Meet Psychic Joon

 Psychometry Kim Bum

Psychometry originally titled Miracle finally released a teaser trailer for the movie starring Kim Bum and Kim Kang Woo.

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Kim Kang Woo & Kim Beom – Battle of Charisma on the Sets of Miracle

Recently Kim Kang Woo tweeted two pictures from the sets of Miracle. The picture shows and intense confrontation between the two actors and has the netizens talking about the “explosive chemistry” of the two actors on screen. Netizens also commented that they are “full of expectations for the movie just from two pictures”. Miracle is about a Detective played by Kim Kang Woo investigating missing children, who runs into a delinquent graffiti artist whose is mysteriously tied to the crimes. So far there’s not mention of the release date as of yet for the movie.

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Kim Bum’s Miracle

Someone wasn’t listening properly because this is not the miracle we were hoping for, but happy for Kim Bum’s next project. Kim Bum will be starring with Kim Kang Woo for his next project, in the fantasy, thriller titled Miracle.

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